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Existing in New York City: It's Time to Kill Some More Iraqis and Other Topics

Say Goodbye to: Charlie Haden, bass player extraordinaire.  Started playing music with the Haden Family Band as a singer.  Then he contracted polio that affected his throat and jaw, which meant he could no longer sing since he couldn't control his pitch.  So he took up the bass.  His jump to the top of the jazz bass world came when he joined Ornette Coleman's band, where he "followed" Ornette, as Haden said, because you could not presuppose what Ornette was going to play (he didn't play melodies, had no chordal designations, and would often go off on tangents during a tune). Charlie Haden, 76, American jazz bassist and bandleader, three-time Grammy Award winner (Nocturne, Land of the Sun, The Shape of Jazz to Come), post-polio syndrome.

Say Goodbye to: Don Lenhardt, baseball player and coach.  I first remember Don back when I was a kid involved with a great interest in Texas League baseball and Don Lenhardt was one of the all-star infielders in the league with the San Antonio Missions.  Don Lenhardt, 91, American baseball player and coach (St. Louis Browns/Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox)

Hot Damn!  We Celebrate the 4th of July Preparing to Continue and Re-continue War Upon War After War
Praise the Christian God, that merciful fabulous God of great warring love; a God who loves to just up and wipe out civilizations and wipe out whole passels of heathen disbelievers just on a whim that these people disobeyed one of HIS wacky orders ("Kill homosexuals!"  "Kill all of those who worship false gods, like Allah (even though Allah is the same God as Jehovah, the big Daddy Jewish God...think about it: "Yaweh" "Allah").  "If thou do not believe in ME, then to hell with the lot of you"),

We the People of the USA: Our Deluxe Killing Agencies Drone On
The almighty enemy, our greatest enemy since we had a cold war with the Soviet Union, is al-Queda (now identifying itself, according to our sociopathic keepers, as ISIS in Iraq).  Al-Queda seems to be an invincible enemy that has so far been our longest hounding enemy ever (I just saw that our security agencies are saying Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Yemen now have the capability of bringing Weapons of Mass Destruction (remember them?)(or "highly volatile explosives") on airliners thus demanding tighter security now on international flights to and from the USA).  I mean Hitler never successfully attacked the USA and blew down two architecturally tacky buildings, a miraculous feat that has led to the two longest wars in our nation's great warring history, both wars against countries that were no threat whatsoever to our precious national security.  What's even more miraculous about al-Queda is in spite of our president's constant trumpeting about how our forces have wiped out al-Queda leaders and combat forces only a few days later to have an al-Queda incident reappear wrapped in a new trumpeting about how we killed al-Queda leaders and supporters by drones in Yemen, where Obama found it necessary to drone-zap three American citizens living in Yemen, one a 17-year-old boy born in Denver.

Bomb 'em Back to the Stone Age
Old Obama and that idiot John "Phony Vietnam Hero" Kerry (remember how the Swift Boaters ridiculed this poor little rich boy and ex-District Attorney now reaping the rewards of having married old Charlie Heinz' widow, the Ketchup Queen; remember him coming out of the ocean wearing a fish suit?) find themselves in a dilemma with this new advent of warring factions in Iraq, what everyone with any sense warned would happen back in 2003 when 2 million of us marched in New York City against this illegal war started by our faux-president (he stole both elections, one from that wimp  Kerry and the other from that wimp Al "the Bore" Gore), Georgie Porgie Bush whose reasoning for his "preemptive" strike against Iraq was truly because Saddam Hussein tried to murder his old feeble and now wobbly Pappy (the Power Elite royalty live long lives). [May I here congratulate John "Ketchup Slurpin'" Kerry on his admission in Red China that he originally was opposed to the Iraq War and thinks getting involved in Bush and Cheney's illegal little war to end all wars was a big mistake.]

Just think, if Bill Clinton, that preacher boy from Arkansas with a roving eye for his kind of playmate (like Jennifer Flowers (remember her?), Paula Jones (Slick Willie paid her $75,000 to shut her up), and Monica Lewinsky (and that big cum stain on her blue dress)), had not have started bombing the bejesus out of Iraq and then Georgie Porgie Bush-baby (who's living like a duke down in Dallas with the Dutchess Pickles (shouldn't that really piss Americans off?)) had not have preemptively invaded their sovereign territory to occupy it with killer US troops who maimed and killed tens of thousands of Iraqis and displaced another 2 million Iraqis (remember Fallujah?)(remember Blackwater's killing innocent women, children, and noncombative men with impunity).  What would have happened if we had not invaded Iraq?  Or what would have happened if we had not invaded and tried to occupy Afghanistan (who had nothing to do with the blowing down of the World Trade Center now replaced by the most expensive office building ever built, whose prime tenant is the People's Republic of China (that's "Red China" when they were our big enemy and not holding billions of our debt in their vaults or making 80% of our consumer goods (clothes, teevees, computers, appliances, etc.))(do you recall that George W. Bush gave China our jet plane designs; plus remember he traded nuclear secrets (a boon for General Electric (that killer company)) for mangoes (shouldn't that have pissed Americans off?).

I can't believe most Americans have their heads buried in the sands of their ongoing debts, credit card arrears, student loan swindles, bankruptcy, home foreclosures, job losses, in trouble with the IRS.  Not a peep from them as their corporate-ass-kissing government goes around the world killing and maiming and displacing innocent people and making trade-pact deals that totally turn our lives over to corporate pirates and raiders, the destructive ideals of the Global Marketplace, the IMF, GATT (both the children of Slick Willie Clinton) and the World Trade Organization, etc.  Americans sheepishly look the other way as a criminal killer corporation like Monsanto destroys the world's organic food supplies with their genetically modified seeds (full of other animals' DNAs, DNAs that good scientists (as opposed to scientists that do what these criminal corporations' instruct them to do) are now saying are staying in our bodies affecting our genes and our children's genes forever more)("Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore.'")

Again, I emphasize, as I have been doing for 6 years, We the People of the USA are stuck with a War Economy.  Without wars, we won't survive since we've allowed our global-conquering corporations (no longer with allegiance to our national dilemmas but in control of our lives) take over the world full sway (i.e., Goldman-Sachs, Monsanto, General Electric, Halliburton, Bank of America, Wells-Fargo, Quicken Loans, etc.).

So have a great 4th of July.  A chance to remind ourselves who our true enemy is.  As Pogo said, "We have met the enemy and he is US."

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