Thursday, May 22, 2014

Existing in New York City: Bored to the Bone

Say Goodbye to: Bob Welch, one of the best MLB pitchers in the 1990s with the LA Dodgers and the Oakland Athletics (he pitched in 3 World Series).  He won over 200 games in 13 seasons, was a 3-time All-Star and won the Cy Young Award in 1990, when he also was the last MLB pitcher to win over 25 games (he won 27) in one season. Bob Welch, 57, American baseball player (Los Angeles Dodgers, Oakland Athletics).

I Sit Twiddling My Thumbs and Yawning
Yes, things are becoming that boring to me.  BORING.  Politics is boring.  The same ol' same ol' rehashed crap slung at us again and again.  Our Great White Fathers force feeding us pap.  Gruel crap.  Tasteless gruel crap sold via lies.  Every now and then, even the dumbest bullshit tastes better than this gruel crap made with lies.

What is the purpose behind dehumanizing the earth?  What is the board-room reasoning of these banks to keep on deliberately stealing money, property, savings, pensions from us dumb ass U.S. citizens who continue to put our money [not my money] in these pirate banks and continue  to borrow money from them, use their credit cards, investing through them, and continuing to buy mortgages from them.  But going against them is boring.  Like the Occupy Movement got boring; that's why it fizzled out; there is only so much head-beating and rounded-up-and-jailed situations the rebellious can take; especially a rebellion led by spoiled rich brat White kids.

Being bored turns me cynical.  And when I'm cynical, I'm hard to live with.  Being cynical means you're bent in the crazy didactic-reasoning winds blowing through your furrowed mind toward pessimism.

I tried to watch Hillbilly Hillary Clinton on some rightwing-leaning network politico show Sunday but I just couldn't.  I watched it long enough though to notice Hillbilly Hill is blimping up.  Being hillbilly rich bloats you up like she's gotten [what a marriage, eh?  Both Hillbilly Hillary and Slick Willie are politicking about the world on We the People of the US's tax dollars (they both get millions of dollars a year from we suckers who put them in the catbird seat of politics) and never see each other.  Besides Hill's gone through the "'pause" and ain't into sex no more; and Slick Willie's had a heart attack so he can't cut the mustard like he once did.

Speaking of New Millionaires, our president last week or so had to reveal his worth to the accountants and he's estimated to be worth from 1 million to 7.5 million.  So our political system creates another New Millionaire.  How many of our worthless Federal Reserve-produced dollars do We the People of the US pay out in salaries to these bloated, pompous, ridiculous asses?

What's going on in the USA is what's called "playing the game."  These Ivy League successes have the advantage on us poor boobs who went to regular old state colleges and universities.  They were taught how to play the game.  It's a Machiavellian World and you must have the skills of that ancient con man to play the game with contacts enough to bowl your way to strike after strike as you strive to complete a perfect game.

I'm slowing down theses days.  The older I get the lazier I get.  Does everyone want to be asleep when they die?  That sentence just hit me between the eyes and woke me up.  Yes, I think, I want to be asleep or be blindsided (like a cop's wildfiring with impunity rampage leaving an AKA slug in the back of the blown-open skull...or be run over by an eighteen-wheel asphalt truck on a lonely Texas highway.  What a way to go! my friends might all cheer as they viewed my mangled body as I repose in my casket).

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