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Existing in New York City: Americans Basically Are Fools

Foto by tgw, New York City, October 2013
The Living Wisdom of C. Wright Mills (from The Power Elite, Oxford Press, 1956)

Governmental agencies contain no more of the higher immorality than do business corporations. Political men can grant financial favors only when there are economic men ready and willing to take them. And economic men can seek political favors only when there are political agents who can bestow such favors. The publicity spotlight, of course, shines brighter upon the transactions of the men in government, for which there is good reason. Expectations being higher, publics are more easily disappointed by public officials. Businessmen are supposed to be out for themselves, and if they successfully skate on legally thin ice, Americans generally honor them for having gotten away with it. But in a civilization so thoroughly business-penetrated as America, the rules of business are carried over into government-especially when so many businessmen have gone into government. How many executives would really fight for a law requiring a careful and public accounting of all executive contracts and 'expense accounts'? High income taxes have resulted in a network of collusion between big firm and higher employee. There are many ingenious ways to cheat the spirit of the tax laws, as we have seen, and the standards of consumption of many high-priced men are determined more by complicated expense accounts than by simple take-home pay. Like prohibition, the laws of income taxes and the regulations of wartime exist without the support of firm business convention. It is merely illegal to cheat them, but it is smart to get away with it. Laws without supporting moral conventions invite crime, but much more importantly, they spur the growth of an expedient, amoral attitude.


Fools Step In Where Angels Fear to Tread
Big fat Chris Christie was reelected governor of New Jersey by a wide margin.  Big fat Chris Christie is a right-wing fool but New Jersey is a state full of right-wing fools.

Bill "Thank God I Married a Black Woman" deBlasio won the New York City mayor's race over a true nutjob idiot Joe Lhota (former head of the Manhattan Transit Authority, a big nest of mediocre big shot managers who are constantly raising transit fares and claiming wages and unions are the cause of them constantly being in the red).  For some cynical reason, I don't see that Bill will be any different than any other mayor of NYC.  He did get my vote when he said he was going to fire our Shanty Irish Police Commissioner Little Ray Kelly but now he's saying he may be bringing old Bill Bratton back to NYC, which to me is kind of a dumb move since Bratton was hired originally by Adolph Giuliani our truly dumbass mayor and then went on to become the Police Commish of L.A.  Bringing Bill Bratton back to NYC adds on to my pessimism about this guy whose campaign didn't sound so liberal or progressive to me, but then I don't trust any politician.  Power goes straight to these guys' heads.  I mean look at the first Black man we elected President?

Our New York fool Senator Chuck Schumer (under the thumb of Wall Street) is promoting Hillbilly Hillary Clinton as our next president.  I am a raving maniac when it comes to flaring high flames against another Clinton getting control of the White House, especially this woman who was nothing but a grade B (and more than likely crooked) Arkansas lawyer and yet has risen to the highest political plateau on the back of her profligate husband who while President couldn't keep his speckled dick and illegal Cuban cigars out of the mouth and vagina of a dumbass babe whose adventures in dildoistic pleasure and giving good blow-jobs made her a beloved New York City/London socialite and women's handbag designer (all the Clintons now, even Chelsea, are filthy pig rich).

I have no faith in the American people.  I still think they are the dumbest people in the world.  They easily have the wool pulled tightly over their eyes.  I mean they are sheepishly (and way back when I was a kid, a book calling America A Nation of Sheep was popular) allowing a colluding bunch of thieves to do away with their Bill of Rights; take away all their privacies; take away their right of Habeas Corpus; replace male penises with AKAs and Glocks; replace female vaginas with unwanted babies; privatize their public school systems; privatize their water supplies; pollute their clean water ways and aquifers; maintain a dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear power; kill and displace millions of otherworld peoples via our many exceptionalist wars going on rather constantly around the globe; take away their voting rights; basing everything they do on whether they have the proper papers or not (Stoppen Sie, wo Ihre Papiere Sind?); steal their homes, land, cars, jobs, pensions, 401Ks, Social Security monies; obligate them to stay in constant debt; downgrade everything their poor old forebearers sweated and worked hard to provide for them; drive the dollar down to worthless paper; force them to work for the lowest wages the corporate criminal minds (the Power Elite) can get away with offering them, etc.

Our dumbass Congress just blessed the NSA with more money and more rights to take away more of our privacy.  And our caring Nobel-Peace-Prize-winning President says he sees no other way to stop those vicious American-hating terrorists from taking over our great democratic nation.  Ironically, I was reading where several pundits say that We the People of the USA are supporting (along with Saudi-Arabia) al-Queda insurgents in Syria.  Such ironies do so amuse me.

Then I recently heard Michio Kaku say that the supervolcano under Yellowstone Park will surely erupt one day and wipe out life as we know in the USA...in North America!  And that makes me happy because perhaps I will see mankind die with me when I die, a hope I've held since back when Ronald "Raygun" "Jellybean" "Grade-B Actor" "Alzheimer's Poster Boy" Reagan had the red telephone at his fingertip, ready to push the button that would blow us all to Kingdom Come.

Last night (Nov. 11), I watched a P(ublic)B(ritish)S(ystem) special on Jews who had survived Hitler's final solution and I wondered as this country is turning more and more Fascistic day by day if one day we, too, will have racial cleansing in our laws?  Which race will our future Hitler pick to send to the gas chambers?

Ah Chaos, ain't it sweet?

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