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Existing in New York City: "Columbia, the FAKE Gem of the Garbage Dump Ocean"

Foto by tgw,  New York City, 2013
Say Goodbye to: Noel Lee, pianist extraordinaire; recorded great version of Charles Ives' First Piano Sonata on the Nonesuch label.  Noël Lee, 88, Chinese-born American and French classical pianist and composer, complications from a fall. Here's an interview with Noel (in it he says he was influenced to write a piece of music based on hearing Oscar Peterson playing ("impertinently") on the radio:

Say Goodbye to: Matt Batts, who I remember was a hind catcher, remember the days when catchers were called hind catchers? I recall hearing on the radio Matt Batts catching Virgil "Fire" Trucks when he threw a no-hitter when they both were Detroit Tigers.  Matt was also a fellow Texan, born in San Antonio.  I'm surprised he was 91; seems like only yesterday he was playing baseball.  I must be getting old.  Matt Batts, 91, American baseball player (Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers).
Why Is Janet Napolitano Qualified to Head the Crumbling U-Cal Education System?
I was baffled by the choice of this dingbat woman to head the U-Cal college system; here's a guy's Top Ten reasons for this appointment:
Our Ship of Fools Sails On
I see every politician in these United Snakes of America, from local politicians on up to Congress and the Presidency, as a bunch of rat fink scumbags.  But then anybody who knows me or has kept track of The Daily Growler over our six years of existence knows I'm repeating myself with that condemnatory statement.  And, of course, being a cynic and believing in the Third Law of Thermodynamics, I see no hope for any change to happen in the future (in spite of Hegel and Oswald Spengler).  In fact, with these scoundrels continuing to rule us, getting reelected over and over, I see us as perfect little lemmings baling on over cliff after cliff to drown ourselves in a turbulent sea of our own making.

I'm reading rumors in all the New York City worthless news media that President Half-White Obama is considering making New York City's jive-ass police commissioner head of Homeland Security.  I sit stunned reading such news.  What is so great about this little Shanty Irish creep that he keeps on keeping on being rewarded with high-paying taxpayer-paid jobs?  The worst mayor in the history of New York City (and all its mayors have been each worse than the next one), Rudolph Guiliani, brought this little jerk to our forefront after his original pick of a police chief, Bernie Kerick, proved to be a god-damn crook (even though Judith Regan, the high-powered girl publisher, commended him as the greatest fuck she'd ever had after Bernie, a happily married man, was banging her on a human-dust-dusty ledge in his confiscated hi-rise floor Battery Park (downtown Manhattan) condo love nest overlooking the ruins of the original World Trade towers).  Then when Rudi was rudely kicked out of office, G.W. Bush, our worst jerk-off president ever (that is until Brother Two-faced Obama got the job), a coward of a dumbass man who stole two elections right out from under the dumbass likes of Al "the Bore" Gore and John "Ketchup Suppin'" Kerry, picked Little Ray Kelly to be his Customs chief.  As Customs chief, there were never-proven but probably true rumors that Ray was pocketing a little more than his six-figure taxpayer-paid take-home pay, which didn't stop, after Ray resigned his Customs job and our now illegal three-term billionaire scumbag mayor, the dishonorable Mike Bloomberg, pulled Ray out of the retiree government trash bin to elevate him to police commissioner of the City of New York.  As NYC Police Commissioner, this guy has turned the NYPD into a military force, installed over 2,000 cameras all around mostly Manhattan Island to spy on We the Probable Terrorists (in his pompous eyes) Citizens of NYC, spied illegally on Islamics not only in NYC but outside his jurisdiction in New Jersey and Connecticut, has continued the NYPD's policy of shooting first and asking questions later, stopping and frisking all Blacks and Latinos (I know, our fool mayor says we stop and frisk more White people (based on some kind of illogical calculating) than we do Blacks and Latinos--but then he is a racist asshole), using drones to spy on We the Probable Terrorists Citizens of NYC, etc.  I mean, why is this man so loved by our admirals of this Ship of Fools on which all of us are sailing propelled by hot-air winds into a Chaotic future?

Currently, we have a mayor's race coming up next year here in NYC as finally our little billionaire mayor doesn't dare buy a fourth term and will hopefully fly off in his private helicopter with his pregnant daughter to one of his Caribbean tax-sheltered estates and get out of our hair forever.  Again, we have a bunch of sorry choices, including now, and he's, according to our worthless news media, currently favored to win, Anthony "Little Weenie" Weiner, the sorry little jerk-off (literally) from Brooklyn who is asking We the Probable Terrorists Citizens of NYC to forgive him his past sins and make him mayor.  I suppose Little Anthony is in need of big bucks as he watched Mayor Bloom(ing Idiot)berg increase his worth in three terms as mayor from 5 or 6 billion dollars to now upwards of 30 billion (how'd you do that, Little Mickey?).  The other candidates ain't much better than the Weenie Man, including current head of the city council and former Mike Bloomberg asskisser now openly Lesbian Christine Quinn.  Looks like politics as usual here in New York City (Billionaires' haven).

Speaking of billionaires' haven, I recently read that many Chinese Commie Capitalist pigs are flocking into New York City to buy up apartments and condos for investment purposes.  That makes sense since one of the only two tenants in the new world's most expensive office building, the new One World Trade Center (formerly called the Freedom Tower), is a Beijing real estate firm.

The irony of all of my contemptuous complaining is that I'm kicking against the pricks since in my opinion the majority of Americans are now totally dumbass, ignorant, right-winger dingbats.  Like I recently watched the Bill Moyers Frontline film on our Public (British) Broadcasting Service following two Milwaukee, Wisconsin, families from 1992 until present and how each of these families, one White and one Black, had since '92 lost their jobs, lost their unemployment, lost their homes, the White couple dissolving their marriage over it all, and yet both families maintain strong beliefs in their gods (the White family Catholics; the Black family having their own church with the husband preaching to his dwindling congregation how in spite of the worst possible things happening to them, they had to keep their faith in God, that God had a purpose in putting them through the trials of Job)...and this program made me sick at my cynical stomach, especially since all this ruin was happening in Wisconsin, a totally backward state, where the citizens of that sorry state elected sorry backwards thinking Republicans to a majority in the state house and in Congress, throwing out their progressive Senator Russ Feingold for a multimillionaire Koch Brothers asskisser and electing and then reelecting that prick Scott Walker as their rights-ruining, economy-wrecking governor.

Trayvon Martin: GUILTY
I was down on the Jersey Shore with thedailygrowlerhousepianist and he asked me how I thought the George Zimmerman trial was going to turn out.  I replied without hesitation, "George Zimmerman will get off Scott free."

Being a White man and knowing my race, I knew right off that no Florida (a backwards Cracker and hillbilly state) White jury (it was 5 White women and a Latina) is going to convict Good Ole Boy George Zimmerman who was obeying the laws of right-wing Florida by standing his ground against a suspicious-looking hoodie-wearing (a Black sign of defiance against the White man) Black boy who threatened poor little helpless George Zimmerman by slamming his cowardly ass against the concrete sidewalk (the defense attorneys said that concrete sidewalk was Trayvon Martin's weapon)--George Zimmerman doing his duty on watching out for Black intruders into what he thought was a solid White gated community and shooting this uppity N-worder punk in self-defense.

This is a divided nation in case you hadn't noticed.  If you're White (cop or neighborhood watch dog) you shoot first in this country when it's a suspicious Black kid and ask questions later.  And President "Half-White" Obama cautioned people to remain calm over this and I was shouting at Black people to not remain calm, to bring the mother-fucking White supremacy down, to boycott White stores and disobey their laws and riot...but then, I know what scares hell out of my people and has since the days of slavery and Nat Turner and John Brown. 

So my White cracker Florida sisters set Good Ole Boy George Zimmerman free to go out and kill some more N-worders.  The defense attorney said if George Zimmerman had of been Black there would never have even been a trial.  My question is, what if Trayvon Martin had of been White?

On the day the all-White jury set George Zimmerman free, 50 people were blown to bits in Iraq.  You think about that.

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Marybeth said...

Yes, it is sickening (racism in America). No surprises in the Zimmerman trial. It makes me furious.

The Daily Growler said...

WTP, how about Janet Napoliatano taking over the UCal system? My head is spinning trying to figure out what qualifies her for that job?


Marybeth said...

That's bizarre. I didn't know that was in the works. I don't think she has any qualifications other than running another big organization. She has never been a professor, or a dean, or a provost, or any of the normal things one is before becoming the president of a major university. She isn't an academic. She was the valedictorian of her undergraduate class at Santa Clara University, which is a decent school, but it's no Harvard. Then she got a law degree, became a lawyer and quickly got involved in politics. She has had really nothing to do with university life in any meaningful capacity and she thinks she can run the whole UC system. Ugh.