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Existing in New York City: Beautiful Women Can Be Evil

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Say Goodbye to: Claude Nobs, the man who gave we jazz fans the Montreux Jazz Festival. Claude Nobs, 76, Swiss founder and general manager of Montreux Jazz Festival, complications from skiing accident.
Before You Read the Following thegrowlingwolf Personal Beliefs, Here Are the Pros and Cons of Vaccinations From
Most healthcare professionals believe that vaccinations are very effective. There is a widespread belief that vaccinations are responsible for the vast decline in many of our infectious and childhood illnesses. In comparison to the risks of the illnesses, it is commonly felt that vaccines are relatively harmless and pose very little risk.

Healthcare professionals against vaccinations have presented various arguments against vaccinations. They include the following:

  • The susceptibility of different children isn't taken into account. If a baby is born to a mother who has used intravenous drugs, the baby is more susceptible to such illnesses as hepatitis
  • It is impossible to eradicate all diseases. Could we be replacing one disease for another?
  • Some people are against the fact that vaccines are presented as being compulsory. This is not entirely the case, as there are exemptions allowed in most states.
  • Natural immunity lasts longer. Actually getting chicken pox can give you lifelong immunity, whereas getting the vaccine may not.
  • There are benefits from having an illness like chickenpox, measles mumps or rubella in that there is lifelong immunity following infection.
  • Diseases declined before the vaccinations. The disease of the 19th century in our society that had high fatality rates were smallpox, measles, tuberculosis, typhoid, diphtheria and influenza (or the flu). As living conditions and hygiene have improved, many of the illnesses have become less severe. This is not necessarily the case globally.
  • The number of vaccines have increased over the years 8 to 22 (and more)
  • There are harmful chemicals in the vaccine that some children might be sensitive to. The following is a partial list:
      Aluminum- it has been implicated in alzeimer's disease, dementia and seizures
      Formaldehye- is known to cause cancer
      Mercury -has been a topic of wide discussion.
      Monkey Tissue - is used to prepare the polio vaccine. There have been lots of polio vaccines over the years that have been contaminated by Simian Virus 40 (SV40). Some people have linked simian virus to childhood tumors, as the tumors have been known to contain the simian virus in it.


Can a Beautiful Woman Talk Me Into Killing Myself?
When it comes to beautiful women, I have been a lucky man...or have I?  Since I was eleven years old, there is a certain female beauty that I have fallen head-over-heels for.  My first affair was with a 10-year-old blonde beauty that set the precedent for this female beauty category, a young woman so beautiful she grew up to be noted as one of the most beautiful women in Texas.  My first affair with this woman (do you call a 10-year-old a woman?) was disastrous in her being brutally hurt by our getting caught, her being hurt to the core while I did a chicken-out run for cover dodging the bullets that she was aiming at me.  Her parents and my parents were very close friends, and when I was heading off to the U.S. Army, she came with her parents to a lunch honoring my patriotic departure given by my parents and I tried to talk to her but she refused to even nod to me and obviously deliberately snubbed me during the whole lunch.

Then comes a long list of beautiful women over the long course of the next collection of phases in my long life.  Each one with a tragic story connected with her relations with me.  Some of them I married...and all of my marriages ended in tragic bust ups (i.e., divorce).  Some of them I should have married but instead naively ignored to the point they turned on me viciously, one in a vengeance against my being slow on the uptake with her getting herself knocked up by a dude I totally despised.  Then when I tried to win her back, her father threatened me with a shotgun, telling me as he did that if he ever caught me "messin' around" his daughter again he'd kill me.  To get revenge on this young woman, I openly started having an affair with her best friend in our hometown and later with a couple of her best friends from her college.

Since I am rather Freudian in my psyche-thinking, could it be that I subconsciously pick on these beautiful women to hurt myself or at least to put my self in a revengeful mode?  Now that's an interesting idea that I could write a book on.  Could it be I basically HATE these beautiful women?  Could I be a Lothario?  Am I "a man who behaves selfishly and irresponsibly in his sexual relationships with women"?  Am I a roue?

I cast out the idea that I hated these women.  I sincerely romantically loved all of them and still remember every little detail of what attracted me to them in the first place (they were all uniquely attractive women in both brains and physiques) and those moments when we had passionate love.  The majority of these "deadly" women except for the 10-year-old were married women.

Now let me cut to the present.

A month ago, I received a call from Bellevue Hospital informing me that I had a doctor's appointment with a certain doctor, a doctor who I was not familiar with, a doctor who was not my cardiologist, and what was the basis of this appointment, the nurse who called me for this doctor couldn't explain.  I put off that appointment until New Year's Eve.

I showed up for this appointment still wondering what the hell it was about and curious as to who this doctor was who had given me the appointment.  As is usual with these appointments, I took my seat in the waiting area and prepared to sit for at least an hour before my name was called.  During that sitting, I noticed this very attractive doctor who came out and called the name of a patient and then when that patient came forward this doctor was oh so sweetly attentive, hugging the patient and asking about her family and how she was feeling.  This doctor was very pretty, very slim, and immediately I became attracted to her though merely in a reminiscent sense and not a seductive sense, a reminiscent sense in that this doctor was almost the identical twin of a woman who I had had a fiery romance with while I was living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a married woman with whom our fiery romance blossomed into a full-fledged love affair that followed me as I left Santa Fe and moved to New York City where our affair came to a tragic ending when this woman left her husband and children and also moved to New York City looking to hook up with me but unaware that for certain egotistical reasons I had changed my name---this is when I had high hopes of becoming a successful writer soon to be elevated to a bestselling author status due to a manuscript I was shopping among the NYC publishing giants.  Because of this name change, this dear woman searched diligently for me for six months before returning to Santa Fe where she suffered a mental breakdown.  When I later learned of this woman's tragedy, I got into a funk that definitely was one of the reasons for my second marriage failing.  My wife at the time hated this woman  Of this affair I could also write a book.

So for reflective sentimental reasons, I found this look-alike doctor attractive and as I sat in that waiting area I saw her see two more patients as I became more and more attracted to her.

Let me preface this tale by saying I am currently very much happily and satisfactorily involved with a dear wonderful "perfect" woman for me so my attraction to this doctor, like I said before, was purely reminiscent (sentimental) as I was not seeking a new conquest.

Soon this doctor stuck her gorgeous head out of the door leading back into the clinical rooms and called my name.  I literally ran to this woman.  Nothing but the wolf in me.  The way they check your identity they ask you your birthday, which this doctor did.  I gave my birthday and she immediately lit up.  "That's my birthday, too."  Uh-oh, thought I, we're already establishing parallel lines. La-de-dah we tripped down the hall to her office.

"Why am I here?" I asked her.  She was a general medicine internist.  "I'm evaluating your medications and recommending some immunizations."  The immunization part turned me negative.  I'm an open opponent of vaccines after having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 12 years and seen that most vaccines cause more harm to the immune system than they prevent diseases (they all contain aluminum).  I kept quiet about my antagonistic attitude at least until she brought up just what vaccines she was intending for my edification.

After several blah-blah-blah questions about my habits, this gorgeous doctor asked me, "What do you do to pass the time?"  To which I answered that I am an inveterate reader and then tacked on that, too, I was writing a novel.  "OH!" her face lit up like an X-mas tree, "I'm a writer, too."  Oh really, I said, challenging her with an en garde: "I've published two books years ago," to which she touched, "My second book's just come out." And she reached over and got a post card and handed it to me.  It was announcing her latest publication, a book on being a doctor at Bellevue (the oldest public hospital in the U.S., by the bye).

Her next question had to do with how I knew I was having a heart attack and I told her that I didn't and would have died had it not been for a beautiful woman calling the EMS dudes against my will.  And then she asked me, "And what does this beautiful woman do?"  And I said that she's a book editor with the Beacon Press in Boston.  "OH," she said, again her eyes twinkling like happy stars, "Beacon Press is my publisher!"  Holy Cristo, I was thoughtfully shouting, I can't top this outrageously gorgeous babe.

And I don't know how she got me around to following up on her "how do you pass your time?" question by saying, too, that I was a musician---oh yeah, now I remember, it was because I told her my heart attack started while I was singing and playing harmonica with my old friend's blues band down in SOHO...and sure enough, as was predictable by then, she responded with, "I'm a musician, too.  I play the cello."  Which melted me from uptight to mellow.  By then I'm having old thoughts of seduction running through my heating-up veins.  Boy howdy, I'm thinking, if I were younger, I'd loose my rather diabolical charm on this gorgeous creature in a big way, a way introduced by several fanfares! (Of course I'm fully aware that women know when they're attracting the pants off a vulnerable dude.)

As I said before, I'm totally against any kind of vaccines due to their containing both mercury and aluminum, both deadly poisons.  But once this doctor had me caught between being obsessively attracted to her and my antagonistic logic, I found myself giving in to the attraction to the jeopardy of my healthful common sense.  As this spider woman lured me into her professional web, her vivid and hypnotizing brown eyes penetrating my psyche, before I regained my composure, I found myself signing a release...yes, you do have to sign a release before these medical killers will poison you---and most medical doctors are killers due to their being stuck in the toxic protocols pounded into their heads in our medical schools but also due to their ignorance of alternative medicine (holistic medicine) and the contradicting studies and clinical trials mounted against med-school-imposed Big Pharma solutions to our common immunological problems.  This gorgeous doctor was explaining to me how she wanted me to have a series of vaccines including the latest flu vaccine, the DTP vaccines, and the pneumonia vaccine.  Tripping briefly out of my swooning over this glamorous woman,I absolutely told her a solid NO to the flu vaccine.  She asked me why and I told her I had no faith in its efficacy and knew damn good and well it wasn't safe.  She actually admitted that I was right concerning flu vaccine efficacy so she deleted that one from her vaccination protocol.  However, I ended up surrendering (via compromise) to her saying that please I needed the middle letter shot in the DTP, the tetanus shot, and due to my bad heart she pleaded with me to also get the pneumonia shot.  I caved in though I thought she said she'd set them up at our next appointment in April.

While I was sitting back in the waiting room waiting for the assistant at the desk to give me my next appointment with this gorgeous doctor, a nurse stuck her head out of the door to the clinic rooms and called my name.  Like a lamb being led to slaughter, I happily responded, asking her what she needed me back in the clinic for.  She told me, "I'm giving you the two shots your doctor ordered."

After signing another release, this one protecting the nurse giving me the shots from a malpractice suit, I left Bellevue Hospital that day with two aluminum-laced vaccines coursing through my veins.

I cursed myself all the way home in the cab.  God-damn me.  Why had I let this damn gorgeous doctor perhaps cause me future harm (like I said, mercury and aluminum (all vaccines have them) are highly poisonous metals).  It put me in such a funk.  I was depressed the rest of the day, kicking myself in the ass on a constant basis in the depths of the depression.  I looked at all the personal literature this gorgeous doctor had given me including several of her essays and a copy of the Bellevue Literary Review (who would have known that a hospital had a literary review...and a well-done one to boot?) and how to access her blog.

Now I'm over my depression but also now I'm avidly aware of warnings by my holistic gurus to the deadly effects both aluminum and mercury have on our immune systems.  Some even saying, like this Dr. Hal Huggins, that mercury in our system from the amalgam tooth fillings nearly every damn one of us have in our mouths from childhood up until our teeth fall out look like they are the cause of most of the autoimmune diseases we suffer from, including MS, Lou Gehrig's disease, heart disease, etc., etc.  And this Dr. Huggins warns (as does Gary Null) that all vaccines, no matter which, contain both mercury and aluminum and are most dangerous and deadly to human beings.

Little Jackie Lew replacing Little Timmy Geithner?  Obama has still got his nose up the foul-smelling shitty crack of his Wall Street benefactors and self-confessed heroes.  Obama is a Wall Street stooge. I mean, this guy is making blasphemous anti-human decisions that even Little Georgie Porgie Bush and his sorry old Unka Dick Cheney couldn't get away with.  A lot of backwards-thinking bullshit is being shoveled upon We the People with Barry Obama's new cabinet picks, starting with that man from the torture chambers of the phony War on Terrorism, Johnny Boy "Torture 'Em Long and Hard" Brennan, a Neanderthal when it comes to humanitarianism, a coward in authoritarian clothing, to be the new CIA head (why not do away with the CIA?). Even Barry's picking John "Ketchup Slurpin'" Kerry as Sec'y of State to replace Hillary "Blood Clot" Clinton makes no sense to me, except it opens up a chance for a GOP nutjob to retake a Massachusetts Senate seat that he lost to Elizabeth Warren, And worst of all, Barry's picking that total failure, Jackie Boy Lew, to succeed Little Timmy "Bailout" Geithner as Sec'y of the Treasury. The Ship of Fools sails on.  (By the way, Jackie Boy was a Clintonista during the deregulation of banks done under the Big Dog's rule before Jackie Boy made himself richer than God by helping CitiBank in its fraudulent derivatives schemes (CitiBank bet on financial failures), Jackie Boy reaping millions in bonuses after We the People bailed the going-under CitiBank network of schemers out.  Barry Obama has a great knack of being so damn ignorant to the real cause of our economic failure in favor of blaming it on social programs that had nothing to do with it.

This same-ole same-ole right-wing agenda politics still makes me vilely sick at my empirical stomach as I watch lies being turned into truths under our very stupid noses.  How can We the People keep putting up with these pirates, these crooks, openly getting away with felony on top of felonies without any of these bastards facing any prison time?  I'm amazed at how stupid We the People are when it comes to believing all this backwards thinking and putting our hopes in Barry Obama who is now fastly becoming an even worse president than ole G.W. Bush who's down in Big D living the life of a god-damn duke.    

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Languagehat said...

My friend, if those vaccines were as deadly as all that we'd all be dropping like flies. I have had many of those shots and I'm as healthy as a horse. Don't let your former servitude at Evil PharmaCorps turn you into an anti-vax nut, because those people cause real harm.