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Existing in New York City: a Saturday Evening Post

Foto by tgw, New York City, July 2012
From the AP: Jet-Setting Hillary RodHAM Clinton

WASHINGTON (AP) — If diplomatic achievements were measured by the number of countries visited, Hillary Rodham Clinton would be the most accomplished secretary of state in history.

While historians will debate and eventually rate her tenure as America's top diplomat, Clinton is already assured of a place in the State Department record book.

When her plane touches down at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington early Tuesday morning, the former first lady will have completed an epic 13-day journey of 27,000 miles — about 2,000 miles more than the circumference of the Earth — through and over Europe to Asia and then doubling back to the Middle East.


From Yahoo News:

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt (Reuters) - Protesters threw tomatoes and shoes at U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's motorcade on Sunday during her first visit to Egypt since the election of Islamist President Mohamed Mursi.

A tomato struck an Egyptian official in the face, and shoes and a water bottle landed near the armoured cars carrying Clinton's delegation in the port city of Alexandria after she gave a speech on democratic rights.

A senior U.S. official said neither Clinton nor her vehicle, which was around the corner from the incident, were hit by the projectiles, which were thrown as U.S. officials and reporters walked to the motorcade after her speech.

Protesters chanted "Monica, Monica," a reference to the extra-marital affair conducted by Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton, while in the White House.
[Next stop for Hillbilly Hillary is Israel.]
The Repugnican Ticket
Mitt "the Mormon" Romney and Condo-Leasing Rice? Sounds like Unka Dick Cheney's wrapping his gnarly old hands around Mitt's tender Mormon balls. Mrs. Romney was right: "Mitt's gonna choose a woman." Though Condo-Leasing Rice doesn't seem to me to fit the Repugnican soccer-mom image of a woman, you know, out in the kitchen with the pots and pans and makin' babies in the bedroom though also going with her husband on moose-killing expeditions. But hey big oil loves the Condo Gal. Karzai in Afghanistan and she used to be in the oil business together. She's tougher than a bed of nails. She could certainly grab old Mitt the Mormon by his balls so his crazy ass won't go astray. And there goes Unka Dick's hand up Mitt's ass. Yep, sounds good to me. A Neo-Con love affair. And Condo-Leasing's a good N-worder; she ain't gonna rock no anti-Civil Rights swift boats.

I mean does this all sound like a sick joke? The whole presidential campaign? These dumbasses spending billions of dollars to get elected to a job that pays $400,000 a year? The spoiled brat rich boy Mitt "the Mormon" Romney who has never really had to work a day in his life--come on, being the head honcho of the Bain Crooked Private Equity Co. and having creative accountants bank your money in offshore banks isn't work. And Obama...he neither has really ever had to work a hard day's night's worth of work in his life. To me, Obama is a perpetual college boy. Community organizing in Chicago. Is that hard work? Being prepped for politics by a bunch of Chicago political goons, is that hard work? Politics must be an easy life, otherwise why would all these rich bastards spend so much money trying to get into it?

We've Bridged the Gap
I worked for a large accounting firm in the 1980s. I saw all of this globalization coming. I thought it was silly. I saw first hand this large accounting firm shedding its image as tax accountants to become an executive management firm. Fuck the working class. Let them go to shysters or H&R Block to get their taxes done. I saw the main goal of this accounting firm was to help these big-shot CEOs and their corporations beat taxes 'round the world. The firm I worked for was involved in the BCCI scandal; the BCCI being Arab banking crooks who were supporting Islamic militancy around the world. The firm I worked for weaseled their way out of any punishment for cooking those BCCI books. The firm I worked for was originally masterminded in England. Have you noticed how all of our current problems seem to have gathered as imperial storm clouds from back in the days when the sun never set on a British possession?

But then I can't get started on putting Great Britain down, though it pains me deeply to see them still invading our films and our Broadway stages and ruling high on our music charts and riding high on our Public (British)Broadcasting Service schedules. A truly insulting series running currently on NYC's Public (British)Broadcasting Service documenting the absurd old wretched Queen of England's everyday privileged affairs--it's insane to have royalty; yet so many people still bow and scrape to a set of royal fops.

Great Britain in Iran

Read about Britain and our own CIA fucking with the Iranian people over their OIL:

Another side of this British and US interference in Iranian politics and OIL:

Where in the World Is Hillbilly Hillary?
Let's see, Hillary was in Afghanistan to announce Afghanistan was a "non-NATO major ally," whatever the hell that means. Then Hillbilly H went to Japan for a meeting of nations who were contributing billions of dollars to Afghanistan. What's the catch there? Do all these nations now get a chunk of Afghanistan's wealth? Then the Hillbilly Traveling Circus was in Laos. Then in Cambodia. And now the Hillbilly Gal is in Egypt. Holy Smoke! How's Hillary getting around the world like this? On her own private jet? On regular airlines? On a military jet? And who's paying for this multimillionaire to be flying around the world and never in her office in Washington? You bet We the People of the USA are paying out the ass for multimillionaire Hillary to go globe trotting. I mean she's probably knocking down a huge clothing expense; I doubt if Hillary's wearing Walmart of China clothes, though she did used to be on the Walmart Board. She's got to have a huge staff of dickboys and dickgirls cruising along with her. There must be State Department underlings aboard these flights. And of course her huge security team. But then We the People dole out billions to these worthless people. Come on, Hillary was Slick Willie's wife for god's sake. How suddenly is she exalted into the highest echelons of political skulduggery? And who's old Slick Willie bangin' while Hillary's on the road 24/7? I mean, come on, a pretty boy like Willie's gotta have his poontang.

What a Life!!!
WASHINGTON, Feb. 28 (UPI) -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Tuesday faced opposition from Democrats and Republicans in a hearing on the State Department's $51.6 billion budget request.

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Tuesday faced (no, cursory, limited, the usual, lame, cross fingered, hopeless, whimsical, unsubstantial, foolhardy) opposition from Democrats and Republicans (both muckrakers) in a hearing on the State Department's $51.6 billion budget request.