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All Along the Watchtower With thegrowlingwolf

Foto by tgw, "Photographer Under Glass," New York City 2010
ON APRIL 6, The Daily Growler WAS FOUR YEARS OLD!!
"Happy Birthday, Daily Crower, (signed: Dolly Parton); "Happy Birthday, Daley's Prowler!" (signed: Hanson, er-ah, remember us?); "Happy Birthday, The Growling Bowler!" (signed (it's a facsimile): Jesus Christ; and co-signed: Gotcha! Joe LIEberman). Just a few of the massive spam-cans of email birthday greetings we've just gotten lo this afternoon. Praise the Lawdy Lawd and pass that pile of biscuits and that 2 pounds of creamery butter and that cake knife over here to me, please...Aha! Groat clusters, that's even better!
"Is That a Mask You're Wearing?"
I was watching Sec'y of State Hillary Clinton, I believe she was actually in the District of Corruption, though she was probably between flights, off to somewhere to visit our colonies (our allies) around the world, standing seriously firm in, as she said, "our" (her word) commitment to take civilization down with us in order to defend Israel's "right to exist" (says who?) "at any cost" (again, Hillary's words)--and We the People, though we're 4 trillion dollars in the hole managed to come up with "our" commitment of another 30 billion to help bail out Israel--and, yes, We the People agree with Hillary, without the U.S.'s monetary and military help, Israel would soon perish.

Which leads me to my first deviation from my original idea--after all, I am up on the Watchtower today--the one Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix used to walk along watching life down below and watching heavenwardly for coming "religious" disasters.

Just yesterday, I had the privilege of reading an on-line criticism of a past post I "penned." In this posted tirade, I aimed my sarcasm at the pomposity of New York City's autocratic billionaire combo-mayor-and-Superman, self-adoring Mike Bloomburg in his allowing his developer buddies to rape Manhattan communities, wiping out traditional neighborhoods and replacing them with these new artificial neighborhoods that are catering more to corporate visions and the tourist industry than to the citizens of New York City. This mayor's pomposity then led me to continue my railing in that post on across the Brooklyn Bridge and over into downtown Brooklyn to growl about how Caesar Mikey Bloomberg and his ass-kissing city council had given their divine blessings to one of the mayor's superdeveloper pals to go on and continue the raping of downtown Brooklyn with this so-called "Atlantic Yard" project, a colossally overproduced (overproduction would be the death of Capitalism, said that German Sociologist Karl Marx) new-Brooklyn complex of luxury hi-rise condos and hotels and hi-rise office buildings. Giving divine blessings to go ahead with this disruptive project in spite of community protest and the fact that this is an, as I said, overblown (out-of-proper-planning control) project that will displace thousands of people and small businesses and replace them with luxury living space (Oh those views!) that only today's upwardly mobile rich (i.e.: financial industry executives and middle management goons) can afford, luxury hi-rise hotels that only the superrich can afford to stay in, and luxury office space that will be gobbled up by all these new sideline derivative and loan-sharking companies and private equity foundations and Power Elite family foundations (one of these divine little accumulations of tax-free money (I guess in a remembering way they're the Skillman (sic) Family Foundation) is currently buying up buildings and land all over Detroit--a city Capitalism ruined through abandonment. Then White people left the city in droves so that Detroit is now 85% Black, so, of course, it is also dirt poor now, abandoned to go back to a jungle existence--a large city ripe for the pickings of the huge developers and financial scumbag groups and of course the big bailed-out banks, these scavengers; and finally we assume a lot of the rapacious foreign real-estate investment corporations (especially those from Commie China) that are daily roaring into NYC to take advantage of the current low status of the US paper dollar (it's really quite worthless).

What's this I hear? "Hey, Wolf Man," why look, it's Magic Johnson and the Russian billionaire (how does a 30-something-year-old Russian become a billionaire overnight these days?) who just bought the superlosing New Jersey Nets basketball team that is being moved to Brooklyn yelling at me. "Yeah, guys, what's up?" "Wolf Man, this is gonna be so good for Brooklyn. We mean, come on, Wolfie, look, man, momentary big rapper-singing star, clothing designer, author, politically correct Black leader, the billionaire Jay Z is a big investor in this boondoggle for the filthy rich developers and bankers and insurance brokers and private equity funds and rich boy and girl foundations..., er-ah, rather than vulgarly condemn it, get on the bus, Wolfie. Sink some of your family's fortune into this. I mean, Wolferino, we gonna get richer than sin off this boondoggle, baby."

So when these shifty weasels get through literally razing the living hell out of downtown Brooklyn and bringing New Jersey attitudes across the North River to that once so "unknown" City of Brooklyn, New York (Thomas Wolfe, the real writer, said only the dead really knew Brooklyn (the largest cemeteries in NYC are in Brooklyn)), once the fourth largest city in the USA. Of course, one must sadly note that J.P. Morgan/Morgan Stanley/Chase had already disrupted that area by building a plain-Jane sorethumb office tower in the Court Street area of downtown Brooklyn years ago--getting their big fat pirate-booted foot in the door during the reign of one of our other worthless mayors (Guiliani or Koch? Aha: here's one of my unfactual facts) who gave out huge tax breaks to the Morgan Clan in exchange for their promising to spruce up the subway stations directly under their new plain-Jane disruptive building--sprucing ups which most of these tax-cheating moveable feasts never fulfill leaving it up to the always-broke MTA to fix them on their own--escalators sitting unfinished in some Midtown Manhattan stations because the developed building over them reneged on their promises to refurbish them--of course they lost nothing in terms of fines, punishments, or imposed taxes.

I guess I was my usual vulgar self in this other post that got me so splendidly criticized. The criticism of it went something like this: "Though a lot of his facts are doubtful and he uses bad grammar, still this thegrowlingwolf's rantings made the best sense we've seen on what's really going on in the Brooklyn Atlantic Yard situation." I took pride in reading that. Man, this dude hit my nail right on my head--EXCEPT, I disagree with him in saying my facts are doubtful. All my facts are facts, they're just facts made out of my own personal guesstimations, actually the same "facts" as the better grammarians who also feel drawn to write use as facts. (I recently congratulated the Existentialist Cowboy for bringing up the "fact" that al-Queda is a made-up-by-the-CIA in cahoots with Chevron Oil (Karzai and Condo-leasing Rice were on the Chevron board at one time--alas at the same time Unka Dickless Cheney was head of Halliburton of Dubai) phony organization (it simply means "camp" in Arabic, a "fact" we've been saying on the Growler since we started broadcasting in 2006--and knowing since the early 1990s. The Cowboy doesn't like to be topped--he claims he's a legitimate big-time journalist and I won't deny he's not more cultured and worldly than I am--but, hey, I wasn't trying to use oneupmanship on him--though maybe I was). My "essays" or assays, yes, are hard to understand unless you are a fictional-real character in life, acting out a chosen persona, a persona who is prying into the backroom-secret-deal corners of individual and societal life looking for ironies.

Our pompous little-man mayor has been on a piss trip since New Yorkers vetoed his stupid 'congestion-pricing' traffic plans to charge motorists big bucks to come into Midtown Manhattan below 92nd--Hiz Honor's zone of his wealthiest tax payers (Trump City starts at 92nd Street--now ain't that interesting?)--keeping the ordinary traffic out of Midtown so the rich and famous and their limos can whiz around freely and unimpeded doing 50 mph down city streets while rushing to leisurely garner another billion-dollar boondoggle coming their way from the triple-taxed good ole easily fleeced citizens of New York City.

OK, I'll admit and agree with my critic, the above is full of bad grammar, except, doesn't a person speaking perfect proper affected English in perfectly proper affected tones strike you as a smart ass? When you're discussing things around the old dinner table, isn't bad grammar acceptable?--or when you're cursing out your television? When you're watching television and suddenly you realize how full of bullshit most of its channels are and you further realize those channels are throwing a gushing of that bullshit right into your face--"Here, you easily duped bastards," your teevee's talking heads are yelling at you, "swallow this load of bullshit or...."/"Hi, this is Chuck Norris with another load of bullshit to throw at you!"--or "Hi, it's Montell Williams, and today on the show we're welcoming back for the first time in over a year--please welcome to this bullshit show our big fat cow lummox bullshitting psychic Miss Bullshit Brown."

So I relished the good criticism I got in that online critical piece because in the end the critic had to say, "Yes, this wolf rants, but in his rantings are so many insights as to what the hell is being pulled over our eyes!" Yeah verily I say unto you: that's the kind of criticism that keeps me growling, that drives me to further rant, to call these rascals and their machinating friends the rat bastards and hoodwinkers that they are. They are ten-times worse than those Somalian pirates President Obama recently declared war on. It was his own highly prized adviser, Mad Larry Summers, who was the originator of the idea of dumping toxic waste in 3rd-World countries, namely Africa, and actually carrying out such a dumping off the coast of Somalia. Why hell all that did was take away the way thousands of Somalians made their livings since it destroyed their fertile fishing waters--killed all the fish--so how enterprising was it of these Somalian fishermen to become pirates?--they already had these ocean-going high-speed boats at their disposal so why not turn them into attack boats and become real authentic pirates--why this enterprise has already garnered them millions of bucks from Saudi-Arabia alone, many more bucks than they could have garnered fishing (I'm attracted by that word garnered in this post). But Obama, in praising the rescue of that one pirated captain who was being held hostage by the Somalians in a life boat by the Navy Seals, has declared he's putting all his resources into fighting these pirates. Oh hot damn, our boy president is playing good guys and pirates now with his little toy soldiers of whom he's commander and chief. When this rescued captain was asked why he took that particular route knowing there were pirates in that area, he replied, "Well, that's the route we take." Case closed. By the way, we captured one of these pirates and he was brought to this country to be tried. I was wondering, shouldn't that be a case for a world court?--a high seas crime? Why do we have jurisdiction over a high seas crime? Does our Navy have bases all over the world in order to protect a private shipping firm's ships in international waters? Like how much did that rescue effort cost US taxpayers? You mean shipping firms aren't responsible for the lives of their captains and crews--but WE ARE?

So there stood Hillary Clinton, her face sternly serious, shoveling the bullshit of our dedication to the preservation of Israel into our faces. She assured Israel, speaking to the country as a human entity I assume, that even though Net'nYahoo had insulted old workin' man Joe "I Work for the DuPonts" Biden on his "surprise" visit to Israel to foment peace between Israel and those Arab Dog NonHuman Palestinians by giving the go-ahead for some more Israeli taking over of lands from those Palestinian dogs in East Jerusalem, razing their homes and farms in order to build housing for the many new Israelis that are tumbling into that holy country daily. Joe Biden left Israel downfallen. Obama had to call Net'nYahoo and get tough with him--so what did the Net'nYahoo do? He announced even more Jewish houses were being foisted onto lower-than-dogs Palestinians in East Jerusalem. A big fuck you to the hand that feeds him.

Jews and even some Arabs really do consider Palestinians human garbage and flotsam, dogs to be put up against walls and shot, men, women, and children, all the worthless same (not an open "fact," no, but, I'll bet you it's a fact just the same). Arabs are fodder for the inhumane decisions of Israeli politicians and military bozos out to enforce Judaic legends and YHWH-chosen-people promises even though these brother-sister humans come from the same human monkey species. They both claim this superman Abraham as their Great White Father--was Abraham a Jew? Was he also an Arab? Sure he was, he was a Semite, right? He was from East of Eden, a sheep and goat herder--a grabber of grazing land. A mean possessor of water wells.

Here's another "perhaps to become a fact" I heard this week: Osama bin Laden has been dead for 10 years. I heard a couple of my favorite radio ranters (Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone--check out their Website:, say that the other afternoon when talking about how al-Queda and Bin Laden were both boogiemen invented by the CIA in its backing of the Mujaheddin in their fight to try and drive the Soviet Union out of their country. The Soviet Union had tried to invade and occupy Afghanistan same as us and had failed, warning us we would fail too if we got involved in the mess that is Afghanistan. Did you know 73% of Afghanistans live in rural areas? Kabul and Kandahar being the largest cities; Kandahar being in Helmond Province where the juicy poppies are grown. Did you know that Karsai's brother, the drug dealer, controls Kandahar? Did you know that most Afghanistans live on a few hundred dollars a year; yet we've pumped billions of dollars into that country, all of it then passed out among the Karsais and Pushtoon tribal chiefs and Uzbekistan generals--the rich and famous of Afghanistan--and we've also pumped billions into Pakistan, India, Georgia, Central Asia, Iraq, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, all the minor European countries--where haven't we pumped billions of dollars? That's the question we should ask ourselves.

For a good belly laugh, check out the role of a high-class swindler named Peter Galbraith, son of old John Kenneth Galbraith, and an old Bill Clinton buddy and Joe Biden, John Kerry, Obama adviser on foreign policy--also the cause of all this recent bullshit being thrown back in our faces by Karsai in Afghanistan--Karsai threatening to join the Taliban if the US doesn't leave him along--all because of Peter Galbraith who was nosing around for his Power Elite masters in Afghanistan during the phony elections in which Karsai's opposition pulled out of the race and took his voters with him leaving Karsai the unopposed victor--a victory Peter Boy Galbraith declared corrupt because Karsai was so corrupt and his administration were so corrupt--and they weren't playing ball with Chevron Oil--you know the real reason we're in Afghanistan: that oil transmission pipeline we've already got the plans for building that will bring Central Asian oil down through Afghanistan to the Caspian Sea. Read this from the NYTimes:

When drillers struck oil in a rich new field called Tawke in December 2005, no one but a handful of government and business officials and members of Mr. Galbraith’s inner circle knew that the constitutional provisions he had pushed through only months earlier could enrich him so handsomely.

As the scope of Mr. Galbraith’s financial interests in Kurdistan become clear, they have the potential to inflame some of Iraqis’ deepest fears, including conspiracy theories that the true reason for the American invasion of their country was to take its oil. It may not help that outside Kurdistan, Mr. Galbraith’s influential view that Iraq should be broken up along ethnic lines is considered offensive to many Iraqis’ nationalism. Mr. Biden and Mr. Kerry, who have been influenced by Mr. Galbraith’s thinking but do not advocate such a partitioning of the country, were not aware of Mr. Galbraith’s oil dealings in Iraq, aides to both politicians say.


Why, yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He's called the United States of America. But, Virginia, he isn't a good Santa Claus. This one comes down your chimney, murders you and your family, then steals all the fuel oil out of your basement. And all of this is about OIL and our trying to invade and occupy oilfields throughout the Middle East and Central Asia--our greedy oil-worshiping eyes envisioning our controlling all that Middle East oil from Kyrgyzstan all the way over to Saudi-Arabia (we need Israel to take Iran for us--and they will).

Well, there you go, folks. Yes, my facts are doubtful; and, yes, I use bad grammar with liberal ease; and, yes, I'm vulgar in a civilized sense (I love things of the jungle); but, my rantings make the best sense around these days--according to one critic!
Get Ready for Another Stupid Move by Corporate Lawyer President Obama
For years the nutjob rightwing has been trying to jack-off our tax system. The Power Elite hates the IRS and have been working to eliminate it for years. The idiot Steve Forbes has been pushing a VAT since he first started running for president--that's a Value-Added Tax (remember Steve's father? Malcolm? Who though gay supposedly made it with Liz Taylor before her body crashed around her and left her a blubbery vegetable of a woman--Malcolm, the Capitalist Tool, up and having a massive heart attack one day after riding his motorcycle around the Forbes Estate when he was in his 70s but still believing because he was so filthy rich he would live forever). Now I'm sensing Obama is about to pull this VAT shit out of his bag of right-of-center tricks. Value-added Taxes would mean the price of every fucking thing we have to have to survive will go up from 17% up to 27% more under this system of taxation (it's wrecked the Irish economy). We already have a very progressive tax system if it were enforced according to how it's supposed to work. The more money you make the more you pay in taxes. Makes sense doesn't it? However, due to the many loopholes that have been sewn into our fragile tax laws that favor the filthy rich over the poor, our progressive tax system has become out-of-balance with the heavy burden of taxation falling on the heads of those who can least bear it. G.W. Bush reduced taxes on the rich, which automatically raised them on the poor. Obama who swore he was going to retax the rich as per usual has reneged on that and is instead proposing lowering taxes even more on the rich, believing the Milton Friedman-David Stockman-Allan Greenspan-Ayn Rand hoax that the richer the rich get the more money will trickle back down to the fucking peasant class. You believe that, and the majority of Americans do, and you're fixing to end up on your way to those new poor houses the debt industry is building all over the country.

Oh how sadly and depressingly two-faced Obama has become. He's never in the District of Corruption much at all anymore either--have you noticed? He stops by the White Man's House occasionally perhaps to make a hidden-meaning speech or to do one of his now famous photo-ops where perhaps he's playing basketball on the White House basketball court--oh, yes, old Ike Eisenhower built a golf hole on the White House lawn--Obama's built a basketball court. Obama, like his predecessor, is seemingly always aboard Air Force One headed for another long-distant meeting with our allies somewhere--like he popped up in the darkness of night to spend 7 hours dressing down Karsai in Kabul a few weeks back--remember when Georgie Porgie used to drop in unexpectedly on the troops?--then Obama was off to the Czech Republic to sign an arms deal with those poor trapped slobs--and then on to Moscow to sign a nuclear arms treaty with one-half of the Russian ruling class--Putin, the ex-KBG murdering fool, was against the worthless and wimpy nuclear arms treaty but the other "president" grabbed a photo-0p opportunity to pose with Obama and signed it. Soon Obama's going to fulfill his promised trip to tour Asia that he put off when Haiti was wiped off the map by a big boy earthquake. He'll perhaps be passing through China to give them a warning or two ending up in Indonesia where he's going to sign another big arms deal. Spreading military power all around the globe, this man of peace, this Nobel Peace Prize winner, making arms deals with all the countries of the world--handing out billions of Daddy Warbucks to the lackey countries of the world, those ruled over ruthlessly by their Power Elites. The Rich versus the Poor. Guess who wins that contest?

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Wilma Mankiller, 64, American activist, first female Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation (1985–1995), pancreatic cancer.

Mike Cuellar, 72, Cuban Major League Baseball player, stomach cancer.

Mike Zwerin, 79, American jazz musician and jazz critic, after long illness

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