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A The Daily Growler Post From the Recent Past

This is a The Daily Growler post that was never posted--from February 12, 2010
Foto by tgw, New York City, 2010
"Heavy snows, record-breaking snows, on East Coast of USA proves 'Global Warming' is a hoax."
That's the message two truly inane smog-brained devious human being animals in Washington, District of Corruption, are trumpeting now--led by that brilliant thinker and great homeland security patriot Senator Jim Imhof of the great backward Yahoo State of Oklahoma (a territory the White intruders, like Imhof, stole from the Native Americans Andy "the Racist Populist" Jackson had forced marched there from their original lands that were in the way of the expanding White US population that needed aboriginal homelands (swamps and all) in order to start plantationalizing the South so that the White Massahs could start shipping in boatloads of black slaves (savages from Deepest Darkest Africa) so they could start growing that cotton the big Eastern mills needed to turn out more and more cloth, like sailcloth for the thousands of freighters and passenger ships sailing back and forth constantly from England and Europe and from the many British and European Colonies and from the Deepest and Darkest parts of Africa).

And Imhof is joined in his harebrained ravings by that other truly great humanitarian and devout Christian racist, Jim "Dimwit" DeMint, of the great still-true-to-the-Confederacy State of South Carolina (a state that was once a Native American homeland--a state that the White Man bulldozed his way right into, rounding up the Native Americans aboriginal to South Carolina and force marching them over the Trail of Tears off to associate nutjob Jim Imhof's Oklahoma so that the White Man could takeover all the Native Americans's land, covert it to cottonfields and bring in more boatloads of those black savages from Africa who since God had cursed them to be the White Man's servants--the curse of Ham--then it was OK to bus 'em over here and make 'em work like donkeys to plant and harvest Mister Charley's King Cotton--besides, the White man's experience with black savages told him they weren't really human beings afterall and were no more better than the average jackass).

This first White clown, Imhof, was somehow allowed to build an igloo (I suppose to honor our Native American Alaskan brothers and sisters citizens, though Sarah Palin says only dumbass savages live in igloos) in front of the White House with his wife and dopey children (little privileged Okies) posting signs ridiculing Al Gore and his Global Warming way of making a living now after Al actually won the presidential election of 2000 but conceded that by golly he guess he really hadn't won the election afterall, so he gave up to G.W. Bush (yep, Pappy's most worthless of his worthless sons) and went to bed early that night with Tipper--whose own attempt at a political career through her infamous "Rock and Roll Sexual-Content Rating System" failed--and as you can see, I have no respect for Al Gore (Gore Vidal, who is kin to him, said Al was the boringest person he'd ever met in his life). But, yes, I certainly know there is a Global Warming effect going on at the moment and that it has been going on at an accelerated pace over the past 200 years all around the world, but Al Gore's Global Warming spiel to me is just him keeping on working and getting income from his political career--not that this boring man may not be sincere, though I find his sincerity this late in the game hypocritical--a career move is all it is, keeping in front of the public eye, I'll sarcastically say. Still, my put down of Al Gore doesn't mean I'm going along with Dumbass Imhof's put down of him--not a put down of Al Gore at all but a put down of Global Warming as a scientific fact.

Old South Racist Jim Demented (DeMint) twittered that since it had snowed 3 feet in Dallas, Texas, and had closed down the airport there, that was proof that the Global Warming theory was a hoax.

Now here's an easy explanation in refuting Okie Imhof's and Old South Racist Jim DeMint's (Demented) claim that Global Warming is a hoax based on it suddenly record-breaking snowing in the District of Corruption area and in Dallas, Texas. First of all, what these dumbass idiots fail to be aware of, IF IT WERE SUMMER INSTEAD OF WINTER THE SNOW WOULD BE RAIN! Idiots! Of course if it heavy rains in the winter, it's gonna come down as SNOW.

Why in the fucking hayride hell would dumbass, Yahoo-stupid White Amuricans believe the insane reasoning (backward thinking) of two Congressional backward-state Senators over the more reasonable (not to say scientists can't be insane reasoners) scientific evidence that there truly is a need to be concerned over Global Warming? Whatever the weather is in the USA at any given time, it's only a mere speck on the wall in terms of weather patterns over the whole world. Africa at the moment is in the midst of a decade-long drought. China has suffered both droughts and heavy rains recently. In other parts of the world rains are heavier than ever while at the same time some green areas of the world are drying up. Sahara dust storms that affect weather patterns all over the world are getting heavier, thicker, more often than normal.

Glaciers millions of years old are receding. OK, so the UN Global Warming report made an error in saying the Himalayan glaciers would be gone by 2030. So what?

I've been saying all along that these backward thinking rascals are idiots who believe fiction over fact every day of their lives. I back my sarcastic statements by saying whatever I am, I am trained educationally in Sociology, an empirical science--I'm trained by using sociometric measurements (Statistics) (mental measurements using my oval of vision (speaking Gestalt Psychology)) to take notes--like an artist sketches a scene and codes it before he goes about filling in the blanks. Like a sociological observation might be: Amuricans don't trust scientific facts. The fun then in being a Sociologist is that you can investigate that "fact" from all kinds of angles, to the point you can predict (guess at) how much evidential truth there is in the statement or how much biased facts are used to prove the truth of the matter. Of course I use fact and truth and lies and such as metaphors for what moves us as a society to not trust scientists and scientific-produced evidence. Doctors should be considered scientists--yet, most Amuricans think of doctors as being under instructions from God--God's science being the science of idiots like Imhof and DeMint. Al Gore's scientific proofs of Global Warming are hoaxes because they are works of the Devil, Satan, the Master of the World--even though God made the see the yin and yang of this sociological problem?

We human monkeys have so complicated life--when life is very simple. We complicate life through our legends--legends that give us as role models super MEN who are either successful or not depending on their loyalty to some God, some Allah, some Buddha, some Zoroaster--good and evil--yin and yang--two sides to every fucking thing. And a Sociological point of view is one of total neutrality--don't you see--the elimination of all biases, whether they show up as racism, divine interventions, fabrications, or just plain fairy tales. An unbiased view of this Global Warming problem seems simple to me. It's happening and it will continue to happen and given the human monkey biases that are denying it's happening ("God won't let it happen"), it's going to continue continuing until the first major world catastrophe happens, like Los Angeles, yes, finally really sliding off into the Pacific; or, yes, New York City being under 200-feet of ocean one day. And even then there'll be the Biased out railing that it's God's will this should be happening. I mean, the White Man's God has brought much disaster on this earth already; why would he hesitate to do it again?

As I sarcastically said in my last post, about us being under the rule of two backwoods hicks, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and Big Ben "Slow Time" Nelson of Nebraska. Now you can add Imhof and DeMint to that list. Both have already been showing their ignorance for years. I mean, come on, how many educated human beings would put any stake in what those clowns are proposing. These assholes want to force us into debt. They want to keep us at WAR! They want to bring back CHEAP LABOR--SLAVERY, folks--and Black folks are right when they say the White man couldn't have picked all that cotton himself--in fact, if it hadn't been for slaves, this country would still be in the hands of its true residents the Native Americans and that includes our Native Americans in Alaska, too; and Native Hawaiians who the White Man has almost totally spoiled--certainly the White Man (Mr. Dole especially) stole Hawaii from the original Hawaiians--enforcing on the island a plantation society--every where the White Power Elite goes they level the forests and create plantations! Even in Alaska, folks--there are lumber plantations, and mining plantations, and oil plantations.

Bullshit. And We the People believe bullshit evidence over good clean and healthy evidence. We the People's only employment left in this country is shoveling up and piling up the bullshit. It's all bullshit whether it's coming out the mouth of President Obama or the mouth of God--shovel away the bullshit and as some old-time pundit once said if you shovel off enough bullshit you might get down to some truth.

Ernest Hemingway wrote about military men having to have good bullshit detectors--as a matter of fact, he wrote that all of us should develop our bullshit detectors.

I suppose you could say a Sociologist is a bullshit detective.

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