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thegrowlingwolf On Us(A) Being Yahoos

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Foto by tgw, New York City, 2010
The Hypocrites Have Us Yahoos Cornered
Acc. to Swift, the Yahoos were a race of brutes who looked like and acted like man--and to Swift at the time he wrote Gulliver's Travels the "Man" these brutes looked like was the White Man--since I'm sure Swift, as good and witty a man as he was, probably did not consider Black people human beings--what do you think all you Swiftian scholars out there? Thomas Hobbes saw Man as Barbarians--whom Swift surely would classify as brutes.

As Native Americans say, "The White man speaks with a forked tongue." A snake tastes with a forked tongue. So does a lizard. It's a bifurcated tongue really. I assume a babbler has a forked tongue. Salesmen are babblers. Preachers are babblers. Philosophers are babblers. Flim-flammers are mile-a-minute babblers. Economists are babblers. But of all the babblers, the most two faced and bifurcated tongued are the politicians, and especially our president.

And by calling our president a babbler I'm just categorizing him like I see him. I'm not purposely bashing Obama by ridiculing him; in fact, I like the guy enough I hesitate to really ridicule him. He's a cool dude when he's loosy-goosey relaxed and out of the White Man's House, like when he showed up at the Georgetown-Duke basketball game last week--that was cool--he looked comfortable at courtside. Then why, I ask, does he sound so stupid and dull and same-old-same-old when he gives one of his shielding speeches or commercial-television interviews, like a very stupid one he had this past week with that great investigative reporter and ex-cheerleader, Katie Couric. Why can't he feel he's running this sort of PR shit into the ground--and that not only is it not working, but it's getting to him, too; check the greying hair--that's how you tell how vexed these guys are--even old G.W. Bush's hair is totally grey now like Clinton's hair is.

He acts like a Yahoo when he tries to reason with Repugnicans; when he tries to convince them he's an Abe Lincoln-Ronald Reagan-combo-type president and that he's also still respecting G.W. Bush's Nazi-like military and homeland security policies and executive-order-writing privileges. I mean, come on--just like in basketball the same in politics, you gotta drive against your opponent's defense and get into the paint (disrupting the core of that defense) to score the most points--you can't rely on spectacular 3-point shots to carry you through--3-point-shot attempts that the Republicans and the Conservatives in his own party keep blocking--then taking the ball down and scoring against him at the other end of the court (the spectrum).

At the moment, We the People are being ruled over by two hick Dumbocrats, this Blanche Lincoln, from the hillbilly backward low-populated State of Arkansas, and this high-plains knucklehead from Nebraska, Ben Nelson. These two creepy backwards-thinking undemocratic Dumbocrats are siding with their true buddies the Repugnicans to block every regulatory move (FDR-New Deal moves) or progressive political appointees Obama's attempting to push, and it doesn't seem to matter to his opponents how lop-sidedly in favor of corporations his policies actually are. The Repugs are just going to oppose anything he proposes as long as they can get away with it and as long as the President's own party is acting like the Cowardly Lion when facing the Bull-Connor-firehose-like aggressions against them by the Yahoo-propelled Repugnican Party.

I'm pissed off at how come this Ivy League-educated Black-White man can't wake up to the fact his ass is grass unless he busts a move against these minority creeps. I know he knows he's under a racist-Fascist attack from the Repugnicans. So then why can't he lay the law down to the Repugs and to his own spineless party members (they still have the majority in Congress in terms of headcount and percentage) that keep turning their backs on him? "Throw down the gauntlet on 'em," as my dad used say.

Why can't Obama rebel against his whimpering party as it shows its innate cowardness under the ignoramus tactics of the teabagging teabaggers of the corporate spin doctors who are like earwigs in the Dumbocrats ears warning them, "You'd better go along with our directives or we'll dry up your campaign coffers and you'll be easily beaten by a Repugnican, even if he's a Repugnican black man wearing a jackass suit." So Nancy "Rich Bitch" Pelosi (richest woman in California) and Harry "Easy Read" Read (from the great State of Nevada, of which We the People are the largest landholders--a land that also holds the largest deposit of nuclear waste on US soil--a state whose major industry, gambling, was started and run for years (supposedly not the case now--yeah sure!) by the Mafia) are bending way over and opening up those butt cheeks ready to take a good screwing from Blanche Lincoln, Ben Nelson, Joel "Independent Idiot" LIEberman, and Fascist/Racist Repugnicans in order to keep their high-roller status with the Power Elite that really rules us. [By the bye, the above-mentioned freeloaders living off you and me have the finest in health insurance coverage man can have--in fact their coverage covers their whole families, including their dear old mothers. Plus, though these people enter Congress low-paid bureaucrats, they will leave Congress very rich. And this further goes for those who enter Congress rich (like Unka Teddy and the JFK-Bobby offspring): they will definitely leave Congress richer.]

Like Diogenes, I'm keyboarding this as though I have pebbles in my mouth--truth is such a deeply hidden treasure!

Yes sir-ree, We the People provide these so-called representatives with the best healthcare in the god-damn world--here I go again actually became the "--but this issue rankles me since I am not getting any younger and every day I get older I start especially noticing how more and more warnings and threats of impending death are being hurled at me. I'm in the zone now where I have lived beyond that certain statistical milepost that roomful of number-crunching healthcare industry economists have figured out is the point where you are most vulnerable, your defenses are weakening, to killer diseases UNLESS you immediately run to your HEALTHCARE PROVIDER (that's a new term that replaced "YOUR PHYSICIAN" when the HMO industry took over our hospitals and organized our doctors and nurses into profitmaking machines and the HMOsHealthcare Providers").

[Yesterday, Slick Willie Jeff Clinton was in Manhattan--visiting his swell Harlem office We the People pay for we assume to check on his email and speaking-engagement schedule and maybe to see how his ghostwriter is coming along on Slick Willie's new book enterprise. "Let's call it The Compassionate Bill Clinton, wha'd'ya think?" He even managed to get up to the big mansion in Chap We the People bought him during his whirlwind visit--remember, the Slick One and his new best palsy-walsy's worthless son, G.W., are now Obama's advisers on how to use Haiti to benefit their palsy-walsies in the construction industry, the oil industry, the financial industry--I mean, like these same ripoff jerks who rebuilt New Orleans (and two of those construction companies are already drumming up business from the Haitian government--now housed in a tent, we assume), are now going to rebuild Haiti--under the authority of the invading and occupying US Army, under the commander and chiefship of our Abe-Lincoln-Ronald-Reagan-adoring president--I digress--by nature, I assume--so the Slick One was in town and suddenly he had chest pains. And certainly Slick Willie knows bad chest pains when he feels them. So what happened? No problem. The Slick One was rushed to the best god-damn hospital in New York City, New York Presbyterian, and in a matter of minutes he was in the Operating Room getting a stent put in one of his reblocked arteries. Evidently the Slick One has been maybe eating too many of those $250-a-piece Kobe steaks lately or maybe he's back to eating Arkansas Hillbilly food at McDonald's and Burger King again. Anyway, no problem for the Slick One when he gets a heart attack. Remember who pays for his healthcare insurance.]

Here's what I'm beating around the bush about: like there are some new teevee doctor shows that are scary as hell for a person like me who is reaching the top of the hill of life and will soon be able to clearly see his ending at the bottom of the other side.

One of the worst and scariest new teevee doctor shows is this Oprah-produced Hollywood-if-he-could trickbag Dr. Oz's new Fox Network-carried show. Oh my God is this real-life doctor/actor made for teevee medicine. First off, you have to know this dude's a surgeon. So you should know then that the whole point of his teevee show is to keep you watching it--and the best way to keep you watching it is to dramatically expose you to the scariest scenarios in terms of your age and your weight and your diet and your personal health in general. When you watch the handsome Dr. Oz (ladies drool over this dude--and he dwells a lot on scary women's diseases), you soon see his character on the show is one that is intending to scare everybody to bloody death with his macabre descriptions of all the deadly diseases he digs out of his invasively cut-open patients--and how all of us are probably suffering from the beginnings of these horrible diseases old Doc Oz digs out of his patients: COLON CANCER; ESOPHAGUS CANCER; PANCREATIC CANCER; THYROID CANCER; BONE CANCER; BREAST CANCER; UTERINE CANCER (poor women)--and in order not to find we suffer from every symptom for one of these horrible diseases Dr. Oz digs out of his patients, we have to stop the tape and ask ourselves, "Whoaaaa, wait a'minute here, besides hustling on teevee, how does a surgeon like Dr. Oz make his big bucks?" the answer being "Doing more operations!"

But being older, the point to all of this healthcare peeve of mine, means that you have to face threats like those Dr. Oz poses seriously because you're being pestered by what will happen if you don't check out even a sudden little tiny pain, say in your left side under your second rib, or say perhaps when you wake up one fine morning you have a hot feeling in your chest or say you suddenly get a leg cramp that won't go away as you're walking your dog (did you know that cancer is the biggest killer of pet dogs in this country?)(did you know that animals like dogs carry anthrax spores in their fur?)--I mean bastards like this Dr. Oz have older people--some in perfectly good health--worrying over this little ache or this little sudden wart or this sudden pain in your back. These doctors like all doctors insisting that something we Yahoos consider no problem at all could mean we may be going to die in a couple of months--I mean suddenly one little pain, we run to the doctor and sure enough we have: CANCER, HEART DISEASE, CANCER, STROKES, DIABETES, CANCER--and suddenly we are facing the immediate choice of just going on and suffering the pain and eventually dying or having to empty our life savings and all our collaterals into the coffers of the likes of Healthcare America, for criminal instance. I mention Healthcare America because they are currently being sued by a Philadelphia family whose young son was born with a rare cancer and who has been given successfully a drug that though it won't cure his cancer it will keep him alive for a longer period of time than if he gets no treatment at all--plus there have been signs this drug even reduces some of the tumors in this type of cancer. Healthcare America replied, "Sorry, Little Jimmy's just gonna have to bite the bullet and die because fabulously profitable Healthcare America (hell, our CEO got a 20 million dollar bonus the other day) ain't gonna pay out one dime for this 'experimental and untested' treatment. Case closed, suckers--and by the way, you owe us a payment on your debt to us at 100%-per-payment interest. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO PAY YOUR BILL?" The Philadelphia hospital where the boy's being treated is not charging the family for the treatment--banking on Healthcare America eventually being forced into paying for this treatment by being made to feel guilty before the public.

I just heard that healthcare horror story on the news this morning as I was keyboarding this post. OK, I'll put the brakes on and explain: I'm told by my Internet computer-hip sources that the young and the restless no longer use the word "type" as in the phrase "I am typing this...." The new hip way is to say "I am keyboarding this...." And, yes, I agree, young hip kids do redefine how we use words in our language--god-dammit, they do--and getting older also puts you in a pissed off state when it comes to having to compete with these young know-it-all jerks fresh out of UC-Berkeley or MIT or some Ivy League bastion of elite thought or fresh off some 50-million-selling rap record or suddenly being the star in some record-breaking movie.

By the way, here's an explanation by a big Healthcare Insurance giant WellPoint why your healthcare insurance company will be raising your premiums 39% like WellPoint is doing to their customers in California (hot off Yahoo News):

INDIANAPOLIS – Health insurer
WellPoint blames a shift in demographics and rising medical costs for its planned 39 percent rate hike for some California customers. In a memo obtained by The Associated Press, WellPoint Inc. tells Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius that because of the weak economy, healthy people are dropping coverage or buying cheaper plans.

These politician clowns and corrupt corporate money jugglers have told us so many lies over the past 200 years, they are solidly confused themselves as to what is real and what is almost truth and what is real and phony and prefabricated and reworded and redefined and rewritten and reentangled and rescinded. They lie so much lying becomes their way of reasoning.

As we here at The Daily Growler have been spewing in a cantankerous but we hope amusing way since our humble beginnings back in 2006--EVERYTHING YOU SEE OR HEAR IN THE NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES, ON RADIO, IN THE MOVIES, IN THE PULPITS, IN SCHOOL, ON TELEVISION AS FACT IS A LIE! And, all the government statistics you read and hear flung at you daily are lies--"Today, the Labor Sec'y announced that unemployment has dropped under 10% for the first time in 5 months." Hey, yes, there's truth in that statement--that is if the truth is it really did drop under 10%--that's the area where they've lied so much even they don't know what the hell any of their statistics prove or disprove. As I've often said, the first book you're handed, or used to be, in Statistics 101, a required course for Sociology and Economics majors in my day, was entitled, How to Lie With Statistics.

If Obama says the economy is recovering, know for sure the economy is in worse shape than ever. Reasoning: If the economy is at a worse shape than ever, backwards thinkers see that as the economy recovering. Reasoning: "Surely, god-dammit, that's as low as you bastards are gonna let it go, right?" Neo-Con Reasoning: "Nope, Brother Obama, Milton Friedman and Leo Strauss taught us, it's gotta go all the way to the fucking bottom before we can then say 'you damn right it's recovering.'"

Remember, all these lies are just Capitalist tools to keep us working longer and longer hours for lower and lower wages. Capitalism needs CHEAP LABOR to keep it profitable, what the Repugnicans have represented since the Dumbocrats somehow managed to become the party of We the People, though originally that was the role of the Repugs--the Republicans of Lincoln, the Republicans Obama is trying to lure out to his way of down-the-middle-of-the-road thinking. The Republican Party in the late 1800s was taken over by the Power Elite, who then came from the Industrial Revolution, those days when our racist mostly Dumbocrat Supreme Court ruled that corporations were the same as citizens of the USA. [The source of today's Repugnican rightwing nutjob agenda is seated in the Old Boy Network that came out of the Dumbocratic Party when back in 1948 when old racist-hypocrite Strom Thurmond took racist Democrats (all of the ex-Confederacy States for sure) out of the party and formed the Dixiecrat Party. This racist action led Southern Democrats and Middle-American white Democrat working stiffs to join the Repugnican Party and today they make up that party's rightwing Yahoo wing. Even the Southern Democrats who stayed in the Democratic Party and kept a little power still sided with their racist relatives who are currently the idiots running the Repugnican Party. Check out how Indiana politicians are thorns in the flesh of Democracy.

The whole Neo-Conservative Manifesto is determined to ruin our former American-Dream lifestyles--you know, those where if you were a man you were expected to go one step further into the American Dream than your father or if you were a woman farther than your mother managed to cover her ass--or nowadays men and women are expected to rise to a better lifestyle than their parents. The trouble happened when the Baby Boomers got prominent in the political eye--when the Sociologists started giving out their guesstimations as to what effect this large bundle of growing-up unambitious spoiled-brat kids was going to have on the workforce, the availability of jobs, the markets, on low-populated areas, on urban areas, on interstate corridors, on interstate commerce, on international commerce, on international relationships, on the flag, the "Stars Spangled Banner" (what a stupid song--all about how great the USA is at WAR), on Social Security, on Medicare, on the coming nuclear war. You see, Baby Boomers were so spoiled, they figured if they didn't find their ways with their college degrees (these are the kids who started getting B.A.s in Business Administration--"Live and Play With a B.B.A"--we used to chant outside the School of Business), when their parents died, they would inherit the city place, the farm, daddy's stocks and bonds, and live off the reapings of their inheritance. Like the Kennedy kids. Remember when all the Baby Boomers wanted to end up like the Kennedy kids?

George W. Bush is a spoiled-brat Baby Boomer. Our faux two-term president who openly, dumbly, stole both elections through ballot-counting trickery--the first one stolen when his brother, the Governor of Florida, screwed up the Florida vote count to the point the Supreme Court stepped in and appointed G.W. Bush our first son of an idiot president, an idiot himself, Supreme-Court-appointed president in the history of this country--a move that Constitutionally is illegal--the Supreme Court has no authority to determine elections! This is the same nutjob Supreme Court that recently verified that corporations are the same as individual citizens--and gave them a First Amendment right to BUY the candidates they need in order to BUY the elections they need in order to BUY more and more POWER.

But then, wait a minute, I forgot, We the People are Yahoos! We the People are numbskulls. We are dumber than our relatives the chimps. We are as the book back in the 60s predicted, "a nation of sheep."

We the People are the idiots who are now a part of the 37% who are in agreement with the teabaggers (I notice the Yahoo press is now referring to them as the Tea Party. To me that means the Marijuana Party. Figure it out). We are the dumber-than-dumb People who are frightened to death of our own shadows. We are the Yahoos who keep allowing this truly asinine woman Sarah Palin national attention and speaking platforms and we buy her powder-puff-logic book and we grovel after news of her--"What's that wacky Sarah Palin up to now? You know, she may be wacky, but, by God, I think she really does speak for most Amuricans, don't you?" "Oh gosh golly gee, yes, I agree with you, my hillbilly friend, she does speak for most Amuricans and that's what's so fucking scary about how she keeps on keepin' on in spite of the most ignorant and totally stupid things she says."

How dumb are We the People? Like why do we keep putting our money in these cheesy crooked sons of bitch banks like Chase Bank or Bank of America? Right around the corner from me on Fifth Avenue, right in the damn middle of Manhattan, I was walking along t'other day when I looked up the street and saw a sign saying a new bank was opening there soon--and when I got in front of the site, HOLY COW, the new bank soon to come into being in Midtown Manhattan was The Bank of Wilshire! The Bank of Wilshire!!! What the fuck is an L.A. bank doing in NYC? AND, why would a New Yorker want to deposit his or her life savings in an L.A. bank? There's also a Valley Bank in my neighborhood. Where's the Valley here in Manhattan? It's not here; it's in Phoenix.

I think we should own our own banks. My dad taught me that a banker at one time was simply the dude in the town who had the biggest and safest safe. Usually a mercantile dude. Some early local banks were called mercantile banks. When I lived in Dallas, Texas, the biggest bank in town was the Mercantile Bank on Commerce Street--it was shaped like the Empire State Building. Now it sits today a dwarf on the skyline, though if you look closely, you can still find it. My family's hometown bank was called The Farmers & Merchants bank. The other one was the Citizens Bank. My dad used the Farmers & Merchants bank because first of all he was a merchant, a business owner, and second, he was a good friend of the president of the bank; they'd gone to high school together. When my dad would ask old Malcolm for a loan, the dude knew everything about my dad's ability to pay a loan back because he knew my dad personally and had handled my dad's finances since my dad's first job and opening of a bank account.

When I first arrived in New York City, there were still neighborhood banks--in Manhattan there were tons of different banks--the Amalgamated Bank (the union bank); there was the Dime Box Bank; the Bowery Bank; the Bank of New York; the First National City Bank of New York; the Chemical Bank; the Marine-Midland Bank; Banco Popular; the Carter Savings Bank, the Harlem Savings Bank (now the Apple Bank, I think); the Franklin National Bank; the First Bank for Women. All the boroughs had neighborhood banks--the Ridgefield Savings Bank in Queens still in business to this day out in the Forest Hills area. Then there was the Williamsburg Bank in that beautiful old tower, the tallest building in Brooklyn, now owned by Magic Johnson who has turned it into luxury condos--no chance for his average Brooklyn black brothers and sisters to ever live there. Magic's no dumbass. He's been buying up New York City property for years. He opened a movie complex just up at the East Side end of my street. He bought a skyscraper in Newark for pennies on the dollar and turned it into a luxury condo building. Like I say, Magic's no dumbass. His luxury condo building in Newark is by the new sports arena they just built over there. The Williamsburg Bank building, by the way, is right up the street from Mayor Bloomberg's old developer (Bruce Ratner) buddy's getting eminent domain rights to destroy the Brooklyn Center City area (via the Atlantic Rail Yards) in order to build his new super-Brooklyn downtown, with its new hi-rise luxury hotels and hi-rise luxury condos and its new supersports arena (to be named in honor of Barclays Bank) that will soon house the unsuccessful New Jersey Nets basketball team (also the "mogul rapper," as he is referred to by the Yahoo press, Jay Z, is an investor in this development)--soon to be the unsuccessful Brooklyn New Jersey Nets! This is a real scumbag Power Elite move to turn Brooklyn into a rich boys's playground. The new controlling owner of the New Jersey Nets (already called the Brooklyn Nets on paper), by the way, is a real "American" patriot of a dude, believe it or not, he's a RUSSIAN fat cat (how did a former Russian Commie become a rich Capitalist after Gorbachev disbanded the Soviet Union?). Yes, that's right, the precious Brooklyn Nets--bringing sports back to Brooklyn--ironically on the very site Walter O'Malley wanted Brooklyn to build him a new stadium or he was taking the Dodgers to L.A.--is owned by a fucking Russian billionaire.

Billionaires are killing us all, folks. They are. Why don't we tax these bastards?

[By the way, don't believe all the hype you are hearing the Liberals spouting about John Murtha, the Congressperson that just died this week--I mean I've heard Liberal pundits spieling out what a great antiWar Democrat this big lug was! HE WASN'T! In fact, old John Gung-ho Murtha was voted the crookedest Democrat in Congress for the past 5 years running. An asshole is dead. I'm not mourning him. He ploughed in onto the scene when the Dumbocrats were desperately trying to counter G.W. Bush's wild war adventures around the world with anti-Bush ex-Clinton military men, like that awful little General Wesley Clark creep! Lying phonies, all of them.]

We the People of the US of A are on a ship of fools--and the damn thing has pretty much sunk--and the US Marine Band is playing "Nearer My God to Thee"--yet we claim we don't hear that--instead we hear Queen Latifa (gained fame as a rapper) singing (off key) "America the Beautiful" (Ray Charles made that song popular with Black singers back in the 80s (or 90s))--I love the way we love "America the Beautiful," which in truth is just as stupid as "The Stars Spangled Banner." Here's the last verse of this diddy--the verse you never hear anybody sing--and the verse a Black person surely couldn't sing with any kind of sincerity. Here ya go, check out the last verse of the precious "America the Beautiful":

O beautiful for patriot dream
That sees beyond the years
Thine alabaster cities gleam
Undimmed by human tears!

America! America!

God shed his grace on thee

Till nobler men keep once again

Thy whiter jubilee!

Kind of a scary verse if you're a Black person isn't it?

A little bitchin' and moanin' type of growlin' from your pal,

for The Daily Growler

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