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The Daily Growler FUCK the Press Sunday Edition

Foto by tgw, New York City, 2010.
A The Daily Growler Panel Discussion

Your Host: Austin Highchew: Hello, I'm you host for this The Daily Growler Panel Discussion, Austin Highchew, managing editor of The Daily Growler. In the beautiful scenically pure The Daily Growler offices with me today are, in order of significance, that venerable old journalistically wise reporter, Walter Crackpot.

Crackpot: Thank you, Austin, always a pleasure to be here at the home when I'm not on my yacht. Did I mention I have a yacht?

Franny & Zoe: Oh God, the yacht. Here he goes. Dont' forget, last year's winner of the Walter Cronkite (Crackpot in Growlerian) Award was Katie Couric....

Crackpot: She doesn't have a yacht...and I do...thanks to venture Capitalism.

AH: Ok, let's have a little law and order around here. Also with us today is one of our favorites down from Lake Flaccid, New York, the one and only thedailygrowlerjots&tittlesman, Barabbus Munn-Dayne.

Mr. Munn-Dayne: Thank you, Austin, thank you Growlers. Always a pleasure to be here. I might add, if anybody's interested, there's a beached brand-new cigarette boat that has been abandoned on Lake Flaccid's golden shores just across the lake from my cabin. You haul it out of there and it's yours.

AH: OK, anybody want a cigarette boat?'s in wrecked condition, I assume?

Mr. Munn-Dayne: The former owner, Charlie Hooch, full throttled it one day straight into the shore--jumping overboard right before the boat sailed into a little stand of polluted pines...probably the bottom's torn out of it. The motor's probably still OK though; in fact, it may still be running--the boat was full of gas when Charlie wrecked it. It was a symbolic wrecking, he said. An act of great conspicuous consumptive glee!

AH: And also with us today is thegrowlingwolf and, too, of course, Franny&Zoe, our two-headed girl reporter, here for the woman's side of our NOW lives. So let's get this mess started with a 'what's happening' overview of things righteous and evil.

Crackpot: Philip Wylie, I was just reading, believes reasoning started with 'awareness.'

thegrowlingwolf: 'Awareness' is the instinct of the instincts according to Jung.

Crackpot: And from awareness came first the primitive form of reasoning that worshiped the Sun as god--the primary concept; the correct concept. This primitive awareness of who God really is has evolved into what today are our abstract theologies. From the natural universal God to a boiled down human-like freaky Big Daddy god, Jehovah, the imaginary God that has our country divided right now.

thegrowlingwolf: Divided we stand; compromised, we fall. That's a law of Chaos.

Franny&Zoe: That makes no sense.

thegrowlingwolf: Of course it doesn't. Chaos makes no sense; yet, we have to some how make sense out of it to back our asses out of it.

Crackpot: First off, speaking of Chaos and Congress, how about in the news this morning, after all the millions of dollars spent on reforming healthcare, now these cheesy bastards are saying, well, hah-hah-hah, yes, looks like health insurance is going to cost more now for every poor bastard and his dog--plus, the 40 million who can't afford healthcare now are going to be forced to buy it. What a glorious boondoggling vicious move by the greedy health insurance power elite. When you've got billions of gouged profits at your disposal, rather than benefiting mankind, you benefit yourselves--and your precious aging parents--like in the case of old Joe Biden's momma kicking the bucket this week--92 years old, but thanks to her just-plain-Bill-type of son who got into politics in Scranton, P-A, and then moved to Delaware, one of the Power Elites's totally owned states, the DuPonts still control it, where both Plain Old Joe and his dear old mother moved and now Joe can bury his mama using taxpayer's money, make a saint out of her with a tearjerking speech in Congress--and I'll bet old Joe's mama had plenty of good We-the-People's healthcare insurance during her 92 years--the same fine healthcare we provide our Power Elite and our politicians. The sorry worthless bastards who are ruling us.

thegrowlingwolf: Yeah, I thought Obama was spreading bullshit when he blabbered how thrilled he was with the healthcare reform during all that doublespeak rigmarole he spewed out at us in his polished speeches on the matter. It all was so much bullshit, backwards reasoning--backwards reasoning that always comes out backwards--one of his "let me be perfectly clear" speeches--so we end up with what We the Growlers have been saying all along we were going to end up with, a more expensive healthcare system than we had before all this reform started. And, yes, Seniors, Medicare is going up, too. Wow, we already have a truly workable National Healthcare system in Medicare and the boyz are intent on wrecking that.

You know We Growlers told people to invest all their savings in medical supply companies and HMOs and healthcare insurance providers--and sure enough, since the Public Option was thrown out for good, all the health industry stocks have gained 24% in value. At the same time, Obama and Bush's darling Federal Reserve criminal Ben Bernanke was spewing out the propaganda that the economy was surely recovering and at a faster rate than first imagined.

The stock market has been steadily dancing around between 10, 300 and 10, 500 since the second round of bailouts (oh yes, there have been more than one round of bailouts)--up and down--correcting itself--up and down, up 150 one day, down 150 the next day as the investment pool players do their morning, noon, and night trading--think of it, millions of shares a day are traded down there in Las Vegas on Wall Street. MEN like Warren Buffett, the kid Billy Boy Gates, T. Boone Pickens, sorry bastards like those boys, are garnering billions of bucks a minute while the average Joe, Tom, Dick, Gloria, Helen, Harry, Michelle, Zack, Jason, Jennifer, et al, are losing billions of bucks a minute as our politicians and the Power Elite that has their nuts in its hands print up more and more worthless dollars and borrow more and more money from Communist China--think of that! DAMMIT! Why doesn't that fact raise more hackles? I just read where Commie China has just past Germany as the world's leading exporter of goods, most of which are exported to you know where. Check out all our stores, even our hoi-poloi stores like Saks Fifth Avenue--check out the labels on the goods they're selling. Why lookie there, "Made in China" on most of them, or "Made in Malaysia," or made in "Indonesia" or "Made in Singapore." Amazin', amazin', amazin'!
From the NYTimes:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Americans would see only a modest rise in health care costs under the Senate's plan to extend coverage to 34 million people [Mr. Ed.: this figure started out at 46 million and now they've whittled it down to 34 million] who currently go without health insurance, government economic experts say in a new report.

The study found that health spending, which accounts for about one-sixth of the economy, would increase by less than 1 percent than it otherwise would over the coming decade even with so many more people receiving coverage.

Over time, cost-cutting measures could start to reduce the annual increases in health care spending, offering the possibility of substantial savings in the long run. At the same time, however, some of the Senate's Medicare savings could be unrealistic and cause lawmakers to roll them back, according to Medicare's top number crunchers.


Crackpot: And look at all the "played down" phrases in that NYTimes piece! Even though it's going to cost MORE for health insurance now, STILL, "over time, costs will be reduced." Such bullshit. And We the People tolerate this kind of shim-sham-shimying on the running board. You're right, Wolfie, it's fucking AMAZIN'!

Franny&Zoe: Why do men bankers like to brag about the bonuses they're giving out? I was just reading where AIG or one of those den of thieves is going to pay out 49 billion--you heard me--49-fucking-billion dollars in 1st quarter bonuses. Now why wouldn't that piss We the People off, too? You greedy fucking men are the reason--let a woman as a real woman take over. Like Hillary. Look what men have made Hillary do?

Barabbus Munn-Dayne: Where you goin' with that?

Those horrible pants suits she wears.

She has to cover up that major wide-load ass. Remember when hauling a trailer house or a yacht, I might add, you had to hang a "Wide Load" sign on the back of it? That's what Hillary has to wear....

Franny&Zoe: We've seen your wife, Crackpot. She's dragging around a pretty big house trailer herself. Has she got a "Wide Load" sign hanging off her ass? Of course, she's dragging you around and you're a big ass!

Barabbus Munn-Dayne: I guess you all saw how the FBI, Mayor Bloomberg, and the NYPD had to find a terrorist in the NY City area real quick after the Nigerian banker's son put our rights in the garbage maybe for good...and the boys came up with this booby-looking hero-worshiping dude from Queens. I mean the cops and the FBI, while this dude was out yesterday, busted into his condo, rambled through his possessions, confiscated his passport, and then he came driving up, saw the FBI and cops all over the place, and so he took off driving like a bat out of hell--only to be caught, beaten up, shackled, then hauled into jail. His parents were saying this poor boob wasn't a terrorist. Seems they chased after him because of something he'd written on the Internet. You think the FBI reads The Daily Growler?

thegrowlingwolf: One has to assume they have their "key word" snooping devices working 24/7 pouring through blog sites--I mean, don't all the terrorists and potential terrorists have blogs? So hell yeah some FBI joker's read the Growler or is reading the Growler as we gang together here talking about how dumb our leaders are and how stupid and inane their reasoning and how under the Nazi-like bootheel of the moneyed Power Elite they are.

Check out President Obama's security people. John Brennan, that criminal asshole, is his leading dog, and this joker is lower than a dog he's so sleazy sleazebag low. Yet, did you hear his dumb ass glibbly trying to say why our 30-billion-dollar-a-year Homeland Security and National Security and FBI and CIA and DEA and Blackwater let this young kid through the loops--and he didn't even have a passport!--I mean we've got government security agencies, we've got Blackwater (now known as Xe, pronounce it "Murderers") and other private security firms, like Dimecorp and Boeing--and Marvin Bush--security experts, and still these security systems failed as successfully as they failed us when 9/11 was transpiring...and Rudi Guiliani, that piece of worthless runny crap, ballyhooing like he has Alzheimer's by saying there were no terrorist attacks while Bush was president.... Wow. Talk about "call him a pig fucker" politics! Idiots. Yahoos. Where's Languagehat's book (Uglier Than a Monkey's Armpit), I need a good curse to put on these ego-maniacal bastards. Philip Wylie called egomaniacs time-wasters. You are wasting time when you look in the mirror and admire yourself or sit around daydreaming about how clever, handsome, and great you are.... Look how much time Congress wastes!

Crackpot: Did you see that piece by the Widows of 9/11?--that open letter?--hey, Mr. Ed., pull that up and copy it....

For Immediate Release
January 8, 2010

Statement of September 11th Advocates
In Response to 12/25 Terror Attempt
January 8, 2010

It is with utter disbelief that we listen to the unfolding details of the attempted December 25, 2009 terrorist attack of Northwest Flight 253.

Let us remind you, on September 11, 2001, 19 terrorists managed to evade all security measures, hijack four commercial airliners, slam them into three buildings and a field in Pennsylvania, killing 2,976 innocent people, including our husbands.

To read the rest, here ya go:

Crackpot: Obama won't reply to that, you'll see.

Franny&Zoe: And speaking of the economy recovering, oh yes, slowly but surely, they always add--also adding that job losses are for the first time in a while going to be low--and blah, blah, blah. As it turned out, truth is we actually lost more jobs than ever last quarter and the unemployment rate went up a 1oth of a percent to 10.1%--most lefty economists say it's more like 17%--50% among Black males. Check out what Robert Reich has to say about "the recovery."
Friday, January 8, 2010

The Labor Department reports that 85,000 jobs were lost in December. The official rate of unemployment (which measures how many people are looking for jobs) held steady at 10 percent nonetheless [Mr. Ed. It actually turned out to be 10.1%]. That’s because so many more people have stopped looking. Reportedly, 661,000 Americans dropped out of the labor force last month, deciding there was no hope of finding a job. Had they continued to look, the official unemployment rate would have been 10.4 percent.

These statistics mask an even more troubling reality. Since the start of the recession in December 2007, around 8 million jobs have been lost. But this doesn’t include all the people who, in a growing national population, would have entered the labor market had there been jobs for them. These “never entereds” amount to an estimated 2.5 million. So, in truth, the national economy is down by 10.6 million jobs overall. There’s no way to make this up for years.

The most painful political truth for Democrats is the nation won’t possibly be out of this jobs hole by the presidential election of 2012, even if the recovery is vigorous. Do the math. In order to get out of the hole, we’d need an average monthly increase of 400,000 jobs between now and then. But even at the peak of the 1990s jobs boom, the highest we ever got was 280,000 jobs a month. At the peak of the last recovery, in 2005, we got no higher than 212,000 jobs a month. Bottom line: Obama will be going into an election year with a higher total level of unemployment than before the Great Recession. He will have to argue that, were it not for his policies, things would be even worse. Counter-factuals like this do not sit well on bumper stickers.

To read the rest, here ya go:

thegrowlingwolf: And haven't we been calling Timmy Boy Geithner a spoiled little rich brat with no job chance without his becoming a burden on We the People criminal? A thief? A pirate? And now with this AIG bullshit that's coming out the cash cow's asshole looks like Timmy was a little more shiftless than we at first believed him capable. Another Clinton-Pappy Bush protege driving us to ruin. FIRE HIM, Obama! Put him in prison. Let him suffer a little shame for his fucking crimes against We the People. Send all those bastards to Guantanamo--bring the Yemenis we've got caged down there, bring 'em up and let them run the Treasury.

Crackpot: Nothing'll happen to Timmy. He's too precious to fail. Why is Obama playing right into the god-damn right-nutjob-wingers's hands? Why? Fuck this compromise shit. It isn't working. Seems to me it would be better to split this country in half--let the right wingers have the Deep South states; let 'em have Idaho, Montana, the Dakotas (they actually belong to the Lakota Sioux Native Americans), Michigan, Indiana, Kansas...yeah, let 'em have those states and let 'em run 'em like the Nazis--let them bring Hitlerian ideas back into this fucking rightwing-leaning country--a sinking ship of fools.

thegrowlingwolf: Fuck it, I'm going home. I just got a new CD player and radio that's cool as hell--from Phillips, a Dutch company right? Didn't they used to be Philco, or am I full of shit? Anyway, it's cool as hell. It even makes my own CDs sound deliciously stereophonic and concert-hall real.
AH: Hey, where y'all going? Everybody's following the Wolf Man out the side door...hey, don't we have to have some closing remarks?

Crackpot: The USA is now in a chaotic reality. It has bogged itself down in its egomaniacal stance, a time-wasting stance as we mentioned earlier mentioning Wylie and Jung and their interpretation of primitive and modern awareness...yes, we are still primitive beings. Do we have the awareness to get ourselves out of this mess? I don't give a shit. I'm an old man. I'll be in my secure grave when the shit hits the fan. The coming 2010 election season will be an AMAZIN' work of pure-shit art. Watch how the billions upon billions will be flushed down the toilet of campaigning. Hey, Obama has brought us change, but oh my God, a change for a Bush-directional WORST...the WORST EVER.

Read Robert Reich's article again. We're getting hoodwinked.

I'm headin' back up to my yacht. Barabbus, you want a ride up to Lake Flaccid? I've got a limo waiting to roll on up the Thruway.

Barabbus Munn-Dayne: Just let me leave this "jots and tittles" post with Mr. Ed. and I'll be with you.
Austin Highchew: Well, folks, it looks like the old clock on the wall says it's time to crawl--so this has been a The Daily Growler FUCK the Press Sunday Edition with our panel of "experts": thegrowlingwolf; Walter Crackpot; Barabbus Munn-Dayne; and Franny&Zoe. So for all the gang, go for the unthinkable.

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