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Living in New York City Amongst the Yahoos

[Bulletin: Levi-Strauss is dead at 100--still Structurally sound, it was said.]
Foto by tgw, New York City, 2009.
White Folks Are Risin' Up and Takin' Back What's Theirs by Law and God
I am sitting here watching the hoopla down in Virginny after the ignorant Whites of that state elected as their governor Gentleman Bob McDonnell, former state Attorney General (a "Law and Order" man). The first words out of Gentleman Bob's mouth during his victory speech were "We're taking Virginia back from the Obama-Nancy Pelosi crowd...." The Virginny Dumbocrats of course committed political suicide by running a wimpy downstate middle-of-the-roader nobody (he rejected the Obama team's campaign strategy--the same one that didn't work in New Jersey, by the way) in order to try and hold on to usually ultra-Conservative Northern Virginny, where most of the White District of Corruption Bedroom Set lives. Would you believe that Backwoods Babe and soon to perhaps be our first woman president, Sarah "Book Writer" Palin, campaigned heartily through robo-calls for Gentleman Bob, though Bob said it wasn't his idea!

Here, check out a little "truth" about Virginny's new Governor:

The Real Bob McDonnell: Not for You

Bob McDonnell represents right-wing special interests and big corporations, not you. He’s spent his career serving Pat Robertson and his extreme agenda by opposing abortion even in the case of rape or incest and sending taxpayer dollars to private and religious schools through vouchers. And he’s backed corporate special interests instead of you, refusing to investigate drug companies for price gouging and taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from the financial and insurance industries.
[the above comes from a Google.answer site and was addressed to the citizens of Virginia]

In case it has slipped our minds, here's a little history of the Great First White Colony State of Virginny. From Wikipedia:

The recorded [Mr. Ed: read "White"] History of Virginia began with settlement of the geographic region now known as the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States thousands of years ago by Native Americans. Permanent European settlement did not occur until the establishment of Jamestown in 1607, by English colonists. As tobacco emerged as a profitable export, Virginia imported more Africans to cultivate it and hardened boundaries of slavery. The Virginia Colony became the wealthiest and most populated British colony in North America.

Virginia was one of the original 13 colonies that won independence from Great Britain during the American Revolutionary War. The state produced more national leaders than any other, including four of the first five presidents: Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe. In the roughly 20 years after the war, slaveholders manumitted numerous slaves, bringing the number of free blacks in the state from a few thousand before the Revolution up to 13,000 in 1790 and 20,000 in 1800.[1]

When the issue of slavery divided the young nation, the slave state Virginia was reluctant to secede in 1861. After it did, Virginia became the major battlefield of the American Civil War. Virginia shared agricultural recession with other Southern states after the war and struggled to rebuild. As in other former Confederate states, when white Democrats regained power, they passed laws to segregate public facilities and a constitution to disfranchise blacks by the turn of the century. The long struggle by African Americans to gain the exercise of constitutional rights through education, litigation and nonviolent activism, lasted deep into the 1960s before they gained civil rights legislation that protected citizens from racial discrimination.

And, yes, Virginny is the home state of Lyndon Larouche! And the late great fried-chicken-eatin' loudmouth Jerry Falwell made those hills of old Virginny his home. And remember ex-Washington Redskin's coach and rightwing nutjob George Felix Allen was once a Virginny Senator. Or how about Virginian John Warner, a War Lord Repugnican, the Sec'y of the Navy who got to briefly bang Liz Taylor? He did a lot of odd jobs around the Beltway before becoming a Virginny Representative. And don't forget, Gabriel and Nat Turner were Virginians, though they never had a chance at getting elected in Virginny--hanged by the neck until dead, yes, but not elected to any political office. Why, heck fire, for the record, the CIA makes its home in Virginny. Why, more heck fire, the Pentagon makes its home in Virginny. And, oh yeah, speaking of law and order, remember, Virginia's that state where a 4-year-old can buy an arsenal of firearms and ammunition without any trouble--enough to maybe blow away 30 or so kids attending classes at Virginia Tech. A Black friend of mine who recently visited Richmond, Virginny, for the first time in her life said she felt White racism all around her the minute she stepped off the plane there. Then later in town she actually experienced a little sutble Old-New South same-ole racism from a White bus driver.

Then, right over the Hudson from us here at the Growler, we can see Jersey from our front porch, the dumbasses of New Jersey just voted in a cute little White fat boy native son, Chris Christie as their new governor. In case you've never heard of Chris, he's the man who saved Fort Dix from being blown up by 5 pizza delivery Islamic terrorists back when he was a Federal prosecutor--another law and order Republican, one of the old-school New Jersey goombah-type politicians, a la New York City's own Rudi "Mussolini" Guiliani, who is definitely Chris Christie's goombah hero.

So Chris Christie booted out Dumbocrat billionaire, former Goldman-Sachs pirate, and former Jersey Senator, Jon Corsine, who got so desperate a few days ago he trotted out his old Marine service photos and talked about how tough being a Gyrene had made his bumbling, 100-mph-SUV-driving, leisure-class ass. Corsine was a phony, a rich boy snob trying to act humble. It worked in getting him elected 4 years ago but after he was in office he turned back into a Power Elitist businessman type and started running into immediate financial troubles, plus half his staff and his appointments proved to be outright crooks, though a lot of his problems, in his favor, were left to him by the previous Dumbocrat governor. The only thing he had going for him was he was a Dumbocrat and he got three personal trumpetings of his royal highassness from President Barack Obama. The President, by the way, took two blows to the jaw in both Old Virginny (the Old Dominion) and New Jersey in the fact that he campaigned vigorously in New Jersey and didn't get a chance to campaign in Virginny by his own party their, a Dumbocrat Party fuck up he should have handled. In case you haven't noticed, the Repugs are now blaming our sinking economy on President Obama. How sick are we to remain Conservatives in spite of the disastrous state they've left us in over the years?

During Gentleman Bob McDonnell's victory speech last night, after he shouted out righteously that he was taking Virginny back from the Obama-Nancy Pelosi bunch (he insulted the President by referring to him as just Obama, don't you think?), one of his loyal all-White audience of backers and fans shouted out "Yes, WE CAN!" and the applause rose to tumultuous heights.

The Virginny election going to Gentleman Bob was definitely an anti-Obama outcome. You see, and this is what I meant in highlighting that last part of the history of Virginny a few paragraphs back, Dumbocrats in Virginny ain't progressive at all. They're Old South Dumbos with tinges of their Jim Crow past still tainting their affections and attitudes. White Virginny Dumbocrats I'm talking about, the Dumbos President Obama was depending on. CSN is saying it was Independents (with a initial cap I) who had put him in the Presidency and these were the Independents who turned on him and went Repug in Virginny this time. Trust me, the Independents who put President Obama in the White Man's House would not have crossed over and voted for a Repug like Gentleman Bob McDonnell. Come on! That's bullshit. Truth is, Virginny's basically still a hillbilly state in spite of its cosmopolitan pretensions due to its proximity to the District of Corruption and its being in the Beltway.

Here's something interesting in the New Jersey governor race. There was a third-party candidate, this silly-ass Daggett dude, running as an Independent. He got 6% of the vote. If Jonnie Boy Corsine had had just half of those votes, he'd a beaten Baby Face Christie by a percentage point. There was no mention by the pundits of Daggett being a spoiler. Remember how they raked poor old Ralph Nader over the coals claiming his Independent candidacy cost the Dumbocrats both the 2000 and the 2004 elections (both stolen elections, remember)?

And here in New York City our Repugnican (he started off life a Dumbocrat) Billionaire Mayor now-calling himself an Independent, successfully bought himself another 4 years of ruling us, though he won very embarrassingly by only a piddling 40,000 votes. Also, embarrassing to Mikey Boy was that only 25% of New York City's 1 million registered voters turned out to vote in this stupid hoodwink election--which means only 250,000 people out of 14 million overall voted and only 51% of those (125,000) decided they wanted this seedy little pompous asshole back owning us rather than the unknown Black man who had to spend an enormous 8 million bucks on his campaign. The Black man, Wimpy Bill Thompson, almost beat Bloomberg's shyster little ass! If Obama had come to New York City and campaigned for Brother Bill, Bill would have won! But NO, Obama fucked up and avoided campaigning against Bloomberg even though he was here three times campaigning for loser Corsine. Big mistake on our President's part.

I was surprised to see how New York Citians, overwhelmingly Dumbocrat in terms of voting traditions, are sick and tired of this little prick billionaire who's intent on ruining our city. The pundits had Mikey winning by a double-digit percentage--and Mikey spent 100 million dollars, $200 per vote he got, to get his ass back in the New York City saddle. Oh how humble Mikey Boy was at his victory bash--I mean he was syrupy he was so humble--why he's going to consider all of us New Yorkers now. What an evil little pissant this guy is; yet, we New York Citians have to now hold our breathes waiting for his first decree--probably higher property and small business taxes--probably more rezoning in favor of one of his private equity developer pals--maybe declaring that CitiBank wants to buy the name of New York City and change it to CitiBank City.

Good news to New Yorkers, our Upstate brothers and sisters (White folks) elected in the 23rd District the Dumbocrat Owens over the true nutjob Conservative Party candidate Hoffmann by a wide margin thus shooting the bird at Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, both of whom campaigned with robocalls for the Conservative lout.

Hillary "High Flyin'" Clinton
While Slick Willie Clinton is gathering up awards and honors all over the place--I mean Slick Willie's steadily banqueting and speechmaking and accepting these phony fucking awards--our Sec'y of State, Hillary Clinton, has been burning up millions of dollars worth of jet fuel flying back and forth around the world causing problems every where she shows up. First in Israel to insult the Palestinians and give her formal backing of anything Israel wants to do (why don't we make Israel the 51st state?) like building more settlements in Palestinian territory; then she showed up in Pakistan where she was hooted at and booed and questioned about the USA's drone bombing attacks killing more innocent Pakistan women and children than Taliban or Al Quedans; then she showed up in Afghanistan where she gave her blessing (and passed on We the People's proxy blessing) on the oil-and-drug-rich hand-puppet Karsai being reelected President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (hey, that's what Hill called it)--to which Abdullah Abdullah, the opposition candidate who dropped out of the race because he said all the voting officials were corrupt and under the approving or disapproving eye of the USA, said, "Whaaaat election? What election did that US puppet win?" Since Abdullah dropped out of the election, the election officials have called off the new election and have declared Karsai the winner of the first election, therefore the legitimate President, to which Hillary agreed.

In the meantime, the Wolf Man has reported via email to us that one of his heroes, the Reverend Jack Van Impe, officially declared on his early-Monday-morning teevee show this week that President Obama was almost the anti-Christ! He didn't come right out and make that a definite statement but he did say that on his next show, he was gonna shock the socks off us with a revelation. The Wolf Man writes: "I'm sure it will be to declare President Obama is definitely the anti-Christ! Which is good news for Fundie Nutjob Jesus-Freak Christians. It's good news because you see the anti-Christ has to declare a peace in the Middle-East and then divide Jerusalem in half before Jesus X. Christ can come through that cloudgate on his big white stallion leading his army of angels against the Russians and Chinese who are gonna be the big players in the infamous Battle of Armageddon against the Israelis on the Magedon Plain in the Holy Land, when the blood of the dead will be flowing up to the bellies of the horses on which the participating soldiers will be riding. We await the next show with gaping jaw."
From Bizarre Records, the Van Impes's hit album (that's a cheap-ass homemade production from the late 50s looks like). That's Dr. Rexella Van Impe there in the righthand corner (strange looking babe that she is).
New Advertiser on The Daily Growler
NOW, besides our Chinese friend sending us comment spam every morning that offers us in Chinese videos of "underage" Thai girls getting banged, gang banged, dominated, bukaked, double-humped, etc., we have a new scammer pen pal who's gotten through Google's great spam blockers and has now commented two days in row. This English-speaking spammer is offering us "nude photos of Miley Cyrus." I'm panting. If I were a pimple-faced teenager horny lad, there's nothing that would send me faster into my parents's bathroom for some foul play than getting my juvenile mitts on some nekkid pictures of Miley Cyrus. Isn't Miley old enough to be having affairs, illegitimate babies, and quickie marriages by now, following in the footsteps of her fellow Mickey Mouse Club successes like Britney Spears? I'm not even sure I could get off on watching "underage" Thai girls get sexually brutalized by long-dong Silver studs forget naked photos of Miley Cyrus. But most of our young men are jack offs. Masturbatin' fools. I'm sure there are gaggles of 12-year-old boys who've avoided being molested by the local parish priest just discovering the thrills of masturbation who would pay big bucks for some naked photos of Miley Cyrus. Wahoo. Yahoos rule us, folks. The United States is becoming a joke of a country, but it's no laughing matter. So how glad were we to hear once again from thewomantrumpetplayer--a logical and soothing voice from out of our commenting air. There she was between the Chinese video spammer and our new sponsor the hustler peddling naked photos of Miley Cyrus.

Hey, folks, child porn is a billion dollar industry, haven't you figured that out by now? We're so hypocritical in this country. It's our downfall. We speak with bifurcated tongues; we speak out both sides of our mouths; and in several languages at once. Child porn sells. Children are commodities. Look at the Hollywood babes who pay big bucks to foreign agencies in order to adopt more and more foreign children--favoring little Asian kids usually, though Madonna and Angelina Jolie are trending toward adopting African babies now. Anybody ever see a follow up as to what happens to all these celebrity-adopted babies? We know what happened to one of Mia Farrow's adopted Asian babies--hey, Soon Yee Allen. Remember Woody got his jollies off taking naked pictures of underaged Soon Yee!
Woody and his Korean girl toy--"Hey, Woody, can we see some naked pictures of your wife?" Notice, every day is dress down day with Woody.

By the way, check out that package of blueberries your tossing over your Cheerios in trying to live a few years longer than the average bear. Now we know 5-year-olds picked those berries. Not 5-year-olds in China--no, they make our toys--but 5-year-olds in New Jersey (yes, they voted as a bloc for Chris Christie.

You remember the word "backlash"? Are We the People prepared for the Repugnicans retaking Congress next year? Would you be surprised to see Sarah Palin relocate to say maybe New York State with her eyes set on maybe running for the Senate say--at least she'll be here to support Rudi "Mussolini" Guiliani's attempt to reestablish his goombah ass in New York politics when he runs for governor against poor old David Paterson. The handwriting is slowly becoming readable on the wall.

austinhighchew (mangaging editor)
for The Daily Growler

We add the following for your reading pleasure: Quotes from Karl Marx

Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval. Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included.

In bourgeois society capital is independent and has individuality, while the living person is dependent and has no individuality.

Reason has always existed, but not always in a reasonable form.

Sell a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man how to fish, you ruin a wonderful business opportunity.

Social progress can be measured by the social position of the female sex.

The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.

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