Monday, November 27, 2006

The Ignorant Rule the World

Peace Is Divisive
I notice in the news this morning a woman in Colorado is being fined by her town council for putting a peace symbol in a big Xmas wreath she hung on the front of her house. The council says the peace symbol is a divisive device and they are fining her $1000 a day for as long as she leaves it up--"Hey, lady, Christmas ain't about peace, you terrerist lover."

Are Amuricans the dumbest people now in the world? It looks that way.

And I’m sick too of liberal Amuricans, like Tom Hayden, still trying to pry attention out of us long after they've had their chance to bring correction to this country and didn't do a damn thing. Old Uncle Tom Hayden's crowing this morning about secret meetings between the dimwit Repugnicans and the militants (“the Iraqi armed resistance”) in Iraq—he evidently wrote an article in the Huffington Post about this. The guy talks like he has mush in his mouth. Hey, Tom, you were in Congress while you were married to your Viet Nam protest trophy babe, Jane Fondler, and you didn’t do one god-damn thing to change the direction of this government. Now you’re mumbling crap that most people, except for these dumbass Amuricans who believe whatever they read in the Huffington Post or get their news from Repugnican ass-kissing television pundits, already have figured out; we figured it out, Tom, back before this Iraqi crap was announced yet--"This appointed phony "president" going to war in Iraq no matter what we think!" we were yelling back then--while over a million of us marched against that war here in New York City. Where were you then, Tom? I know where your trophy wife was--she'd dumped your worthless ass for old Teddy "Turkey Neck" Turner, the good ole boy from Atlanta who likes his wimmen good and used, which is why he threw Janie out a couple'a years ago--her face lifts weren't working anymore and T-Teddy could still land a young one easy, so "Goodbye, Lady Jane." Who gives a damn how these fools are humping around trying to bail themselves out of this mess; they're not rich enough yet, though; they'll be trying to hump another 100 billion out of We the People and if we don't give it to them--and the Dumbocrats no matter they're now the majority in Congress will still give this phony "president" all the billions he wants for his little toy war gone wrong. "Daddy, daddy, what the hell do I do now?" "You're on your own, sonny boy. Don't look at me or Mammy Babs. We're rich as hell, so are you and your numbskull brothers and now your sister, Dumb Dora, has a bestseller out there--all about me, boy, and how much she digs her old Pappy." Oh the humiliation poor Georgie Porgie is going through. Drinkin' again, too, probably. And by the bye, the twins have shown up again; in Argentina. Yeah, folks, We the People, I suppose, sent 'em on a little goodwill tour--I'm sure they're on some kind of executive-order payroll of some kind--the twins--I see one of them got her purse stolen while they were partying hearty in Buenos Aires. Hope she wasn't carrying state secrets in her purse? A diaphragm? Is some Argentinian woman going around with the twin's passport and credit cards having a ball being a Bush?

Thinking Americans know that Georgie Porgie and his criminal buddies (Unka Dick, Jack Abramoff, Kenny Boy "Dead" Lay, Rummy Rumsfeld, John Asscroft, Dick Gates, Scooter Libby, Karl "Siegheil" Rove, Tom "the Exterminator" De Lay, John "Backwards" Bolton, John "Not Even an American" Negroponte--oh what a glorious lot that bevy of criminals makes) are looking like crazy for a way out of their colossal “bring ‘em on” criminal mess ("Freedom on the March" actually "Chaos on the March") these dumbasses asked for and got. To me, the impeachment of these creeps and their convictions and imprisionments--some of them are already in prison--are more deserving of Tom Hayden writing about than any secret papers he knows about showing that Bush is talking with a “terrerist” enemy—negotiating for rebuilding the Iraq and for draining the rest of the oil out from under the place—remember, Bush can carry palettes of millions of dollars in good ole We the People's cash—brand new 100 dollar bills in $100,000 packs—around in Air Force 1. Baby Bush is on his way to Jordan; hell, don’t we own Jordan?; the Queen of Jordan used to be an American woman.

Perhaps the dumbest Amuricans in the world right now are the Dumbocrats who just got a sweeping YES WE WANT BUSH IMPEACHED vote that gave them back Congress for the
first time in decades and these weak-kneed boobs are already bagging up the bucks going ego-maniacal over the 2008 presidential election.

Let’s see: Andrew Johnson was impeached because he refused to turn black Amuricans back into savage animals after the Civil War—you know, ‘round up all freed blacks and turn them back into slavery like that Old South-controlled Congress wanted him to do. That’s why old Tennessee Andy Johnson was impeached.

Now, let’s see, Nixon was being impeached when, of course, like the coward he was, he just quit his office, waved goodbye and took off in We the People's helicopter back to his mansion in California We the People bought him while he was president—F it—hell, Nixon was still getting a library and a nest egg for the rest of his worthless, destructive life, what the hell did he care if his name would be mud in the history books—while his wife drank herself into stupors she was so lollygagging dumb and unhappy. Gerald Ford, that dipstick who was unable to walk and chew gum at the same time, gave Old Tricky Dick amnesty. What did this idiot do to get himself impeached: why he bombed Cambodia and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Cambodians without telling Congress anything about it, and then his goons, led by that bumbling fool G. Gordon "Loopy" Liddy, broke into Democratic headquarters at the Watergate in the District of Corruption and committed burglary and then perjury. Impeachment was just a “Voice vote” away when Jerry Ford stepped in and saved old Tricky Dick's gnarly old cancerous ass.

Now, let’s see, Bill Clinton was impeached because he got a blowjob in the Oval office and then lied to Congress about it by saying, “I did not have sex with that woman,” which according to Chelsea was the truth—hell, blowjobs with kids nowadays are like shaking hands. "Damn, my momma never told me thar were anythang wrong with a good blowjob; and she certainly never told me that was having sex. She told me when I put my little cigar into Monica's pee-pee, now that was sex; that's what momma said--my old dumb hillbilly mammy--was sex. She never mentioned blowjobs as being sex." Case closed.

So, based on precedent, can you come up with any reasons for Georgie Porgie Puddin’ Pie to be impeached? Or is he the Messiah like the prime minister of Israel believes? I vote for Messiah. Get the cross ready. [The Israeli prime minister said yesterday, he thinks George W. Bush is a son of Jehovah, perhaps even the Messiah, because he got rid of Saddam in Iraq. A blessing to the Middle-East, the prime minister said with glowing words. Would you impeach the Messiah? The Great Decider?]

Tom "Make the Best Out of Protest" Hayden's insinuating that the chickenhawks in this country are backed into a corner and are ready to cut and run in Iraq but they are trying to spin it to the point that these backward-thinking people are going to turn their lies that backfired on them into excuses for getting the hell out of Iraq. Tom’s suspicious. Unka Dick is in Saudi Arabia. Condo-leasing Rice is in Israel hawking peace between the numbskull Israeli Nazis and the filthy, dirty, dog-like (speaking Israeli) Palestinians. And Georgie Porgie, our “president,” is heading for Amman, Jordan, to meet with the “democratically” elected president of Iraq (that great democratic government), Malaki (McCort?), or whatever the hell his name is. These creepy criminals have no power in Iraq anymore; America has once again gotten its bully ass kicked by people who are supposed to be throwing roses at us and naming their buildings after Georgie Porgie, like George W. Bush International Airport there in Baghdad—oh, you’d forgotten that when we captured Baghdad 4 years ago, Praise the Lard, right after we pulled that big tacky statue of Saddam down in the set-up photo-op, the military announced the Baghdad airport was now George W. Bush International Airport.

Stupidity rules us. The dumbest men in the world rule us, and that includes corporate bosses and lobbyists and all of Congress and the military and the governors and the mayors and the city and town councils, all dumbasses, unreal, living in an imaginery world where money is handed to them on silver platters and they spend it in glorious conspicuous consumption on themselves, their cronies, and their mistresses…no wonder We the People of the United States are not only morally broke, but financially broke as well. Oh sure, there are more rich folks than ever here now. Young people here in NYC are making so much money, they are begging for the developers to build them million-dollar apartments up in the clouds above the poverty, above the cops blowing away three black guys over the weekend with 54 bullets because the cops had undercover cops all over the place and were using SWAT teams to serve warrants as they were spotting on the dance club where these black men had been having a bachelor party for the man killed who was getting married the next day; yep, above all of those black people, above all of those hundreds of thousands of starving people throughout the city; above the trash and dirt and cacophonous traffic; above the poor bastards sleeping under cardboard boxes all along the streets up under the miles and miles of scaffolding that has become a trend in NYC for the past 15 years. Above it all. Way up in the air over Manhattan; up there where those badly piloted airplanes can fly right square into your sky-high living room. God, I hope the peasants don’t learn how to fly airplanes.

I am ranting, I know. I am so frustrated. What the hell have I lived all this time for? Nothing has changed; there was a war going on when I came into this F-ed up world; there was a war going on when I was in junior high, high school, and then college, and then after college and I got married there was a war going on then, too; and after I got divorced and got into advertising and started making over 100 grand a year there was a war going on, and then I got fired from my profession and I am now out on the highways hitchhiking toward Tombstone, Arizona…Jesus, and still man, there are wars, wars, and rumors of wars to come; and still the criminals rule us; and still I live through it. Why? I’ve published books that only a handful of people have read. I’ve published poetry; no one has ever saluted me as a poet. I’ve been the lead singer of a great band of great musicians; yet, there is no evidence of that band’s greatness left—yes, cassettes were made and distributed, but cassettes have long gone out of existence--and now the CD is dead.

Shit. I’m a mess. I am going insane in Microsoft Word; I am going insane inside this blogosphere; I’m going lycophantic inside myself—happily, I assure you.

So, I’m putting out my peace symbol Xmas decorations and I await being arrested as a terrerist. Such a dumb, sick nation.


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OH MY GOD...and we're Yankee fans, too: a few posts back, Baseball Talk, thegrowlingwolf got nostalgic watching the 6th game of the World Series in 1952. The Wolfman, who is notorious for thinking everyone but him is dumb, showed his true colors by saying the Brooklyn Dodgers went on to win the 1952 World Series. They didn't. The Yankees won it. We apologize to Brooklyn fans for the Wolf Man giving you a World Series you didn't deserve. The 52 Dodgers should have won that World Series--but they didn't. ERRORS are as natural as sin. We could claim we did it on purpose to test to see if any Brooklyn fans were reading this continuous pack of lies--we joke of course.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, our nation is sick. We're running under a democracy that's been hijacked by bankers. War is the answer simply because these thieves profit from both the winner and the loser.

“The One World Government leaders and their ever close bankers have now acquired full control of the money and credit machinery of the U.S. via the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank.” - Curtis Dall, ex-President Franklin Roosevelt’s son-in-law

“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” - Woodrow Wilson, former U.S. President (1913)